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Help :)

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Hey guys,

any idea on how i could have done better?

died at the catapults :/

played on very hard, same random, short mode.


ps: looking forward to the sc2 version a lot! shame there are no good TD's out yet for sc2.

VH rdm sm.w3g

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pretty decent play.. not every game goes to ronalds.. some points.

too many blacksmith towers in the early game. you only need one for every 4 damage towers.

quaker is 500 range, so place it closer to the tip of the bend.

do consider relocating to a slower placement for the endgame, especially once you start leaking after wave 40.

if you can, interest sell and match elemental damage even for triples.

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hey holepercent,

thanks for that, definitely some good points.

you always gave good advice on my games :)

i used to be named "WordsWorth" on this forum, but couldnt find my log in anymore. i didnt even find the old threads anymore, did the board get cleaned up a little recently or something?

anyway, thanks!

i'll soon put up an improved no-leak version, hehe. just gotta get back in shape!

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all the old threads were moved to the archives for sc2 release (which as expected, is delayed)..

it's probably harder to get a no leak -vhsr 4.3b..

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