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    Alpha Signup

    Well, as soon as its out you can just set a fixed date to be online on the forums.
  2. Saatchi

    Alpha Signup

    i think you need to host it at start it once .. then the person can host it nope. once downloaded in the custom lobby, everyone can host it on their own. no need to start the game.
  3. Saatchi

    Alpha Signup

    EU uploader pls come online
  4. Why do you think that is, that there are no good TDs out yet for SC2? I mean looking at broodwar and war3, there were soo many good ones. Even simple ones like the "amazing turret" defs in broodwar. In SC2 no single decent TD is out yet. Sure the game is young, but wouldnt it be much easiert with the new editor and all? Or is it actually more restricting? Im sooo in need of good TDs in SC2.. anyways, looking forward to the beta!
  5. Saatchi

    Help :)

    hey holepercent, thanks for that, definitely some good points. you always gave good advice on my games i used to be named "WordsWorth" on this forum, but couldnt find my log in anymore. i didnt even find the old threads anymore, did the board get cleaned up a little recently or something? anyway, thanks! i'll soon put up an improved no-leak version, hehe. just gotta get back in shape!
  6. EU Saatchi - Saatchi.109
  7. Saatchi

    Help :)

    Hey guys, any idea on how i could have done better? died at the catapults :/ played on very hard, same random, short mode. thanks!! ps: looking forward to the sc2 version a lot! shame there are no good TD's out yet for sc2. VH rdm sm.w3g
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