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Element TD getting booring?

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I play less and less element td, wy is that?

I am that kind of person who if I play alone, it must some sort of campaign with an "epic" story involved. But if I play with several people I want to have some sort of thrill.

Playing guitar hero for example you must quickly use combinations with your fingers, often very very fast which gives a good feeling if you manage to do it.

In meele games you must outsmart and outmicro your opponent in order to win. It is fun, but it is very booring to lose a ladder game just because you lay down so much effort in microing and constantly keeping track of your bace and you still lose. But it gives a thrill when you get the feeling that now you totally tricked your enemy and is going to win, while you keep the tempo upp.

Element TD is a different kind of TD, usually td's are to kill some time and relax or to mase. But the thrill with this map that got me playing it was at first trying to learn all the combos, which combos worked good toghether and etc. And you still had to keep the tempo up because of that interesting interest timer. That gave me a thrill. And you had some players to play with, you could play to win, to rush the opponent which is what this map is somewhat based on. A versus TD which you play solo.

But I get the feeling I have lost the "thrill" of it.

Sample replay of last game.

Element TD whats about it.w3g

I still play some Dota, but I try to only find -cm modes. The other modes aren't funny because there is usually much less teamwork in it. It still gives me some thrill to use a combination of nukes and fooling your enemy using the fog of hills, running around close close to the trees. Killing an enemy hero with less then 10% hp. That gives alot of thrill, it's alot of action and alot of thinking and out-smart your opponent. (no it's not a comercial, just examples)

To sum it up, when playing element td it feels like playing Meele games vs computer and you use whosyourdaddy.....

even though you don't manage to level 60 which I usually don't I guess, making the game harder would only larger this player scale.

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To be honest... I'm playing less and less too.. But that's prolly just cuz crazy things are happening irl for me.. anyways, I think this game looses a lot of players due to it's slow updates..

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need a new mode to cater to all levels of players, from beginners to experts.. preferably team mode.. the community has been pushing for co-op play.. time to revive the discussion.. draft pick was added as a new mode but that is more for full competitive play or at least semi-experienced players..

or a more active community.. the tournament forum draft series is creating some action at least..

also at our level, the only real competition is playing inhouse against fellow leads.. very very few public players can hold their game against us in all -vhsr.. mixed diff could be an option but ve against vh isn't really a balanced match..

either that or do some really intensive replay pack like completing all 22 4/5/6-ele builds... similar to build project/series. or be removed from the pool..

kara's original plan was to release a new version ever so often.. not exactly happening at the moment... at least for the non beta-testing public. no one outside of beta testing really knows what's going on..

planning for JETD and retail...

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I keep loosing interest in eletd from time to time, but I allways come back. :)

13est - would a league give you a feeling of "showing those young show offs how to play"? ;)

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