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Review of 4.2 Beta 3

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Arrgh, it's just confusing. I can't put my finger on anything in particular, but I suspect it's overall too difficult to try and keep up with everything.

One thing I would like to see for the voting phases is a text command alternative (e.g. -vote blacksmith, -vote water, -vote random)

Tower query doesn't reflect draft picks.


First of all, we all need to recognize that anything outside of 1500-2500 is essentially useless, and anything upwards of 2000 has that weirdish look. It's severely detracting from this feature. In fact, if you really want to hear what I think, zoom doesn't deserve to exist at all.


Too slow. I need to be able to see the whole thing on one screen. Ideally it should look like this:

Portion of Build

Composite: 12%

Darkness: 9%

Water: 30%


Against this wave

Composite: 9%

Darkness: 7.5%

Water: 50%


which takes up 16 lines and fits exactly on one screen.

Also, 3 decimals places is way too much. 1 would be more appropriate.


I want you to skip the "minimum difficulty" selection when there's only one player (i.e. pick VE for minimum difficulty by default). Cuz picking your difficulty twice on single player, is quite frankly ridiculous. (It just makes you go, "wait, what??")


They're awesome. My only objections are that 1) oblivion tower needs a new name; and 2) you call them "boomerangs", but they don't look much like boomerangs to me.


Ok you clearly don't understand how to arrange 6 items in a rectangle. *wink* 2 rows 3 columns is where it's at, yo.

Like this:



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But... The zoom function is awesome :'( Just kidding. I just hope Kara won't remove zoom cuz of you, cuz if you don't want to use it, then don't, I love the zoom function anyways.

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Tower Query doesn't reflect Draft Pick because your builder gets Draft Query.

Element Query display has been reworked, and I think you will like it.

In single player the dialogs now behave as if there was no host (thus no redundant dialogs now).

I called them boomerangs to avoid a lengthy explanation about how they go and come back. I figured the word "boomerang" would by definition solve this.

There will be a 7th item by the time 4.2 is released. It does look odd at the moment, but that will change.

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Guest galace

I agree in saying that the minimum difficulty setting isn't really necessary with only one player. Granted it really doesn't bother me THAT much...

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Tower Query doesn't reflect Draft Pick because your builder gets Draft Query.

I am not going to click "Tower Query", then click "Draft Query", then compute their set intersection in my head. Tower query exists so you can do that for me. Tower query can't just say, "here's the towers you can build... except the ones you can't".

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