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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings, I have recently dug into Element TD once again (to the point where I can't stop playing it). I noticed a couple of minor bugs and wish to share them here in the interest of improving the game which I love so much. The first thing I noticed was that the damage listed for Flame Towers (all ranks) isn't accurate; the ability damage is displayed rather than the damage the tower deals from attacks (which is quite decent, clearly a large factor). I'm not sure if this is intended or not, but seeing as ability towers (for example Nova or Electricity) have listed -None- under damage, so it seems fishy to me. Another thing is that Nova III isn't listed in the Tower Table if it's accesible (no screenshot unfortunately, I couldn't remember to do it at the time I noticed), even though towers like Flame III, Life III etc. (which in combination prove that you have the requirements for Nova III) are listed as III. The only bug I noticed with impact on gameplay happened with stacking Nova towers; (I'm not too sure how stacking slows works, since I'm not very experienced at the mode) Nova III slow is listed as -52%, however, having both a Nova III and a Nova II tower hitting creeps reduced their movement speed to 144 when the III hit them and then to 215 immediately after the II hit them, only after deleting the Nova II did I get the constant reduction to 144, which seems very off. None of the listed bugs are gamebraking, but are mildly impactful or mere UI misinformations, yet I feel like sharing any bugs would be welcome here, no matter when they were to be resolved. I would like to apologize in advance if I broke any forum rules in making this post. Best of luck with your gamemode, I truly hope it gets recognized for it's greatness that it has had over these years. This was played in the Dota 2 version, in the current update (13.02.2017.), in case this is necessary to note. Yours truly, Omskbird.
  2. hi, ive just noticed that this creep ability is quite OP in endgame.. its ability is, whenever a creeps dies, all nearby creeps within medium area would be healed by 25%.. in endgame, its very normal to have at least 2 or 3 slow towers in the map, so its inevitable to have a cluster of creeps. i think their potential hp pool is quite OP, a creep could have at least 200%(most of the time even more) worth of hp given the right condition. unlike timelapse which would only revert its hp once with the amount of hp 4sec ago, it also reverts the position 4 secs ago(max revert of hp would be 99% since it cant revert it self if its dead) or undead which would only revives with 50% hp(in same place where it died).. this healing ability almost resets nearby creeps hp with huge amount instantly, and with up to potential of 29 times... thats like a creep with 1450% of hp. my suggestion is it should have a limit of times a creep could be healed, maybe around 3 times max. after that, that creep wouldnt be affected by any heal..
  3. Hey, I've noticed this quite a bit while testing out some of the slow builds last patch and I was curious if this is intended. If you kill a temporal creep shortly after it makes one lap and costs you one life, it warps back to right before the end and if you don't kill it, it goes through and costs you a second life. I feel like whether it's a bug or not it should be left in to punish the player for a gross misplay like that, but on the other hand perhaps the game should only allow one creep to cost one life if it makes it through? Not sure, just wanted some feedback/clarification on this point. Cheers!
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