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  1. Rucati

    Score Model

    I think frogs should give you points for each one you kill even if you don't finish the round, it seems weird to me that killing 150 frogs is exactly the same as killing 179 frogs, if you happen to lose to the last one. I know that's an extreme example, but still it just feels kind of odd. I think buffing the clean bonus would be good, right now leaking doesn't really feel like it matters in the first like 40 waves because you get so few points anyway. And I definitely think buffing the points early game would be good if there's a balanced way to do it. Right now it feels like I have 109k points at wave 51, and then end with 370k points by the end of the frogs. It's not necessarily bad for this to be the case, it just feels kind of strange to get so many points so fast at the end of the game.
  2. There's a bug with the display when selecting game modes. If you click on Insane the multiplier is 4x and the Bounty is 170%. Then if you click on Rush the Bounty becomes 190%. But when you click on Confirm Vote it tells you the Bounty is only 170% when the game starts. Rush is still on, and it works, but the Bounty acts as if Rush isn't enabled. I figure this is because since Net Worth is now calculated for points, it would still require Rush to get a high score which this patch is meant to stop, but it's just kind of confusing as to if Rush gives a Bounty increase or not now. Here's a couple screenshots to show what I mean: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198020359541/screenshots/
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