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  1. Alternate Money Tower Interest gives you X% more gold when this tower is active, doesn't stack. 2nd idea, everything around X radius from this tower, can be sold for 100% prize. 3rd idea, every X kills, this tower will increase your interest gain by X%, resets when switching back to normal version. Shares kill counter with other Alternate Money Towers, similar to Life Tower. (And this should be like +0.2% interest every 50kills or something in those lines? I don't know how much you want to mess with the interest gold.) Alternate Life Tower Make this tower stupidly powerful. When switching normal -> alternate you lose X hitpoints. You don't lose hitpoints when switching alternate -> normal, or do you? 2nd idea, make the health loss "damage over time", everytime this tower gets a last hit you lose X hitpoints (or something similar). Can backfire if you are low on health and alternate switch is on cooldown. Alternate Blacksmith Tower Decreases friendly tower's ability cooldown by X seconds. (Or make it % based, similar to Octarine Core) 2nd idea, increases friendly tower's splash radius. (Maybe better on Alternate Well Tower?) Alternate Well Tower Silences creeps, preventing them to use abilities for X seconds (shield, haste, etc). 2nd idea, purges current buffs from creeps (shield, haste, etc). Alternate Jinx Tower Buffs friendly towers, every X seconds they will deal X% critical hit. 2nd idea, buffed towers will get bonus damage based on their health, % based. (There has to be reason why towers have different HP pools. ) Alternate Hail Tower Normally hits up to X targets. Every X seconds receives buff that greatly increases damage, but can only hit one target. Alternate Erosion Tower Buffs friendly towers, increasing damage X%, buffed towers deal AoE damage around them. (Kinda like Blacksmith and Nova Tower combined?) Alternate Root Tower Aura that gives (splash, attack speed, damage or ability cd reduction, choose one) to nearby friendly towers. Ability that marks creeps, the aura has greater effect when there is more creeps marked, mark lasts X seconds. (Inspired by Treant's Eyes In The Forest) Alternate Electricity Tower Single ground-targetable ability that deals damage, after initial damage it has X% chance to shock nearby creeps. (Inspired by Zeus's Lightning Bolt) Alternate Nova Tower Creates link to X different targets, dealing DoT, and every linked target leaves trail of fire behind it, dealing additional DoT on the ground for X seconds. (Inspired by Wisp's Tether) Creep Type: Last Word When it dies, silences all towers around it, preventing them to cast any abilities. 2nd idea, aura that silences towers. Creep Type: Vengeance When it dies, all towers around it will receive debuff that reduces damage. 2nd idea, aura that reduces damage. Creep Type: Time Lapse When creep is below X amount of health, it will time lapse X seconds back, restoring its health and position, one use per creep. Creep Type: Burrowed Time When creep is below X amount of health, it will receive buff, every point of damage you deal, it will heal that amount instead of damaging, one use per creep.
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