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  1. I just noticed Megadramons nearly Identical post below. Sorry for the duplicate. Clearly very hard is vastly more difficult than normal and a bit of discussion about the different strategies they allow/require would be nice to read. This is especially true considering the number of new players I imagine you have since SC2 became active.
  2. Hello community, I discovered this game on SC2 only about a week ago and having never played tower defence games before still feel very noobish but am enjoying myself a great deal. I started playing on normal and went from quickly dead to now I can easily get to fruit and usually win the game with interest gathering, a Blitz tower/factory combo or an Atom tower /factory combo and a few pures. Doing the same thing over and over when it is no longer challenging is boring so I decided to jump all the way up to very hard. Yikes! I'm getting my ass kicked. I find myself with almost no time between waves - I can't sell - rebuild and upgrade my towers quick enough to gain interest without leaking. I seem to need all my minerals to be in the towers to kill the waves so my interest income is nearly nil. Without the interest income I have a lousy networth and eventually get overwhelmed in the mid thirties. Does anyone have a similiar story? How did you make the leap into very hard and is it reasonable to be able to consistantly make it to fruit on this difficulty in the multiplayer game? Any tips on making the transition? I was considering trying a switch to random so I could use more elemental towers earlier with 100% return for interest - is that the way to go? Any guidance is appreciated.
  3. Over an hour for a complete game on standard seems like a big time investment. I'm sure the interest hoarders will love the early rounds; a consistant timing will allow for easy benchmarking and build optimization.
  4. Where can I find a list of available commands? I know about -zoom and -next Is there a comprehensive list available?
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