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  1. Thanks for the updates Karawasa. I'm getting an error on the element spawner building which prevents spending lumber and the icons are sometimes missing from the builder action card despite being able to perform those actions nonetheless. Thanks again.
  2. Oh I see, my bad. The extra interest is a 1.5 multiplier not a sum. Thanks. =)
  3. First of all, thanks for the update I believe the interest is not working properly. Please correct me if I got something wrong, but playing on normal mode with 1 interest I should be getting 3% income. The screenshot below shows that I had 9980(-216) minerals (9764) and received 216 income and 3% of 9764 would be around 292.
  4. A change on the hail/comet projectile would be welcome, it's really laggy on the late game.
  5. I like the modes. In fact I was waiting for them since I used to play a lot of race mode back in WC3 I'm assuming this race mode you described would work with a independent timer for each player, right? That would be interesting instead of the default system of a player finishing one wave and triggering the timer for the next one for all players. I like this idea better than the old "point per wave" system. And yeah, the 1/1/2/3/3 multiplier from 1/2/3/4/5 change is a must imo. Some waves are taking insanely too long to begin, no wave should ever take more than 30 ingame secs to begin. I'm used to play normal (or above) and 15 secs is just perfect. The only exception would be between waves 60 e 61. I feel that 60 secs there would be great, since a lot of times I save resources and there's no time to spend.
  6. Yeah, it happened again. Just played on a public game not created by me, Normal Difficulty, Normal Order, All Pick and Normal Lenght. As you can see on the screenshot below I have already purchased 11 elements (10 plus 1 essence) and still got 3 gas. The last opponent left at wave 48 and then I got the extra gas(es).
  7. Yes, there were leavers. Some of them left at the begining and others were eliminated later on but I just noticed the extra gas around wave 40 something. I believe the extra gas could be split among the remaining players from the eliminated player, but I'm really not sure. This is not the first time I noticed this problem. I play a lot of games by myself to test builds (and usually start on Extra Short Mode) and once I noticed that I could not have that many pure towers based on the building I was doing. There's any chance the income could be affecting the gas?
  8. leonardoharo

    13 Gas

    Just played a game on NA, I created and turned the game public, chose Host and selected Normal Difficulty -> All Pick -> Normal Order -> Short Mode By around wave 47 or so I noticed extra gas on my bank. After wave 55 I had 11 elements purchased plus 2 extra gas remaining. I did not purchase extra elementals fearing a crash. I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the limit is 11 gas :-) I'm providing the replay even though it can't be played without a crash right now. ETD 075 13 Gas.SC2Replay
  9. The Money/Wealth tower has a kinda funky projectile. I remember the coin from W3 and it was a clean arch to the target, this new flourished attack seems to take too long to hit and a more "mechanical" projectile should pair better with the gold cart / mine style.
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