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  1. http://seanmonstar.com/post/708989796/a-le...andom-generator Yup, thats why we want a less random random number generator. We are not asking a casino to modify the laws of probability, but rather how the dice are thrown (or rather requesting a change to a shuffle-bag, where removing a marble means that the rest of the marbles have a higher chance of getting picked) .I at least am not expecting that to be the case. I know full well that this is using a *real* random number generator, which is well known to be a bad idea in video-games. (or at least should be) So a shuffle bag of 5 marbles, with 2 being *proc* marbles, would mean that the maximum *bad luck* streak would be 6 misses, but that would be far more rare than it is now.
  2. This is a duplicate/similar to my post in the obsolete forums, could they be merged please?
  3. That is odd, I wonder why that occurs. I have similar problems on other maps, I wonder if it is a engine bug.
  4. It still exists in the latest version, and I think it has an odd shape, because if you try to place it slightly above or below directly adjacent, it allows you to place it.
  5. I think the info on what all of the creep's abilities do, because I had trouble searching the internet for that information, and still do not have all of it. I know that undead revives once, speed gains extra speed periodically, and heal regens periodically, but I have no idea how much or how often for any of these, and I think in wc3, they used mana for the timer, i wish this was still the case, for display purpose
  6. The second Level of earth tower, Amplified Earth tower, I believe it is called, Has the incorrect pathing map, taking up 8 spaces in the shape of a cross, rather than 4. It is possible that other towers have this bug.
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