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  1. geez... just me and KlausPactus are LA realm? =( feeling kinda alone right now, since I haven't even seen him online =x
  2. if you go to the "add friends" menu an window will open .. in that window your Chara Code is displayed well, I found somewhere on battle.net site =p JohnnyC #219 LatinAmerica realm. thanks anyway Monkey! =)
  3. Hi there. I'm an old player, but only recently I found out about the site and forum! I'd love to help test this SC2 port, EleTD is one of my favorite maps on WC3 (along with YouTD and GemTD). Actually, I could use a little help since I'm pretty newbie on SC2 multiplayer... where do I find this "Character code"? I think my username is "joao.ciocca", LA realm.
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