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  1. 1. Death Tower and Upgrades are way too strong (fire too fast). Its like an unpassable wall! 2. Darkness lvl2 seems to use too much space. I was unable to put towers next to him. I was able to build towers next to the darkness lvl3 tower.. 3. Undead Bug at level 46 (I think. forgot to write down the exact level) 4. The text in the loading screen is pretty hard to read at 1440* 900. (No real problem just thought I should mention it.) Improvements: The WC3 version showed strengths an weaknesses of the creep in their Armor tooltip. I found this very useful. Maybe add it? It would also be pretty cool if the icons which show the next level also had such a tooltip. Thats all for now. Should I update or reply if I find anything new? Edit: Random Mode is coming back right? It was my favorite!
  2. 1. What wave did you begin using it on? 22 2. Did you feel like you had a clear understanding of how it works? If not, what about it was confusing? Yes I did 3. How do you feel about the manual-click reload option? Do you think it makes the tower more fun or less fun? I didn't use it after about 3 levels of using it because its anoying to press the same button over and over again. I just accepted the 2 seconds. 4. How do you feel about towers with clickable abilities in general? Have you ever used one (in any TD) that really stood out to you as good? What made it enjoyable? I dont like them. I play Tower defenses to chill out. I want to place some towers and watch the creeps die. 5. Is there anything you didn't like about it? If so, what would you do differently? If the manual reload Button adds more ammo than the autoreload I would use it more often.
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    EU daJake#385 Best TD ever! (At least the WC3 version)
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