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  1. Hello! Tried to hit lucky streak (to save time used extra short mode) with AR. Eventually got decent nice run after couple not so nice ones. I leaked some before fruit wave but overall i didnt mess up too badly. I got fast wealth but my lategame was a bit lackluster. Maxed electricity is better than upgraded quake vs fruits right? 79 fruit VH AP.SC2Replay
  2. Tried to hit lucky streak with Random elements. Got decently timed wealth tower but my lategame was just mass Potential towers (max upgraded electricity) and it didnt net me more than 79 kills
  3. Death towers with spring towers or those triple earth + triple light dual towers (quark..?) with forge or something else? Maybe even haste towers..? When i played ronald hunt on wc3 i think it was figured how to get as many ronalds as possible with DWN build. Are death towers nerfed or is it just the lack of interest upgrades which ruins the build. I tried couple times DWN+E (E to help with light waves) and then DWN+L (L to gather mass lives before late-mid game) but couldnt get much higher than 100 fruits.
  4. even +70 might show some great potential for the build if it gets a bit more perfected.
  5. Yeah CM and multiplayer same random would be as much eletd as there is (same random gives same elements for all in same multiplayer so that is not a problem). Solo results for random can be quite random to say the least, but there might be some value if you do it with inferior elements. Its really most about fun and then sharing good performances with lucky element drafts. But luck alone is not enough. If you wanna be totally competitve just play same random. Testing out different towers that random forces you to use is actually quite refreshing after all those death towers. And i might add if you play AR about 20 rounds you will most likely get better score than those that are worse than you even if they have played more. The more tries you make the closer you are getting at your expected ronald value. Of course there can be theoretically some pretty insane death-waterfall drafts but most of times people play ar becouse they love this game. Good players get into ronalds even with quite wacky elements while i die usually around 50-60 waves (i always underestimate my tower needs or overestimate my speed TT). but the point is: If you get good ronald count on random, you are first quite skilled, and second lucky enough to get doable ronald set (almost any maxed double/triple damage tower makes it possible to crank up some ronalds with good interest micro). Just becouse you arent at your comfort zone optimizing ap builds you would propaply die before ronalds with element combination that other guy would strike 75 ronalds or so. "I had done that also if i hadnt underestimated this wave / messed up something" - that is correct and when u dont mess up things you are pretty good AR player. Maybe next time when you draft similar set.
  6. I kinda understand your point, but saying that VH is about micro is a bit off. While VEZ is about figuring the ultimate build against ronalds and it is much easier to "perfect" this difficulty.. VEZ is only that. But VH is the whole package of Eletd. You need to micro, you need to get very effective combination against ronalds, but even that is not all. You actually need a plan how to get to ronalds without leaking all lives and you might need to build towers that are bad against ronalds and wont give long term advantage like life/gold towers. I correct myself: VH AR is the whole packege. Adding the fact that you must be able identify your elements weaknesess and strong points and what towers you can build. I wish i wouldnt suck so hard on that mode. xd
  7. Interesting.. you would think adding couple slow towers should increase ronald count significantly. Oh well i`m happy with this death tower build for now. Have you tried interesting builds for non-death VH?
  8. now build is $$DDDNNNWWW I tried to play first without interests. I bought 2 earths and that gives upgraded muck and roots. Both slows 30% but without extra interest i didnt get enough gold. It might be possible to cut corners and be maxed without extra interest. That might be ultimate build. EDIT: Aagh i have to try again! xd Here we go again. Gonna micro my ass off to get every bit of interest without extra interest.
  9. The most impressive replay posted during last couple weeks is definitely holepercent 14 ronald kills on chaos mode same random very hard.
  10. Well if you pick those 2 interest on after waves 5 and 10 you might be able to bank quite some more. But lets leave it there. +/- variation is not too big of a deal. Whether its more or less gold. There is no decision to be made during first 15 waves. Good bounties, dangerous waves and whole game starts after that.
  11. I think he meant that one difficulty might require more skill than others. As its possible to complete game without any leaks and then fill whole map with towers on VH. Its hard to imagine it being harder on other difficulties. It might be as challenging/easy in same cases but definitely not harder. Easier modes might be more about massing extra lives i dunno i dont play those. Anyway its pretty hard to compare people on ap mode as its mostly about build orders and placements. Even on hardest difficulty. Its fun to figure those but once done it can be copied by almost by anyone. Same random is something that u cant just copy. You have to play better and think faster. If you wanna be safe and say you are the best play "very hard chaos mode all random". No pre-planning helps there. If you play single, short gives less gold than normal. On multiplayer, short might give more. No huge difference on either cases.
  12. Ya more waterfalls had give more dps. Death towers are good. its not abuse but its a bit sad as there is not a good alternative to waterfall-death towers. So all innovation has to be done before ronald wave. And u might wanna try to fit in some slow/polar/voodoo towers to support but not sure if its worth it. I think non-death tower side there is much more possibilities on experimenting. And when that becomes boring there is always AR which is so frigging hard to master.
  13. Ok i redid my test. Rushed through waves and ignored most interest. I got 946 gold at start of wave 16. So its less than 1k gold if there is a good player who rushes through all waves and most of time there is if you play a big multiplayer game. Still i doubt this 50ish gold is any issue. Especially when playing under normal circumstances you get more gold by if you start from wave 1. On single player that is a fact and on multiplayer its a good opportunity. Even if there is a rusher and u manage to hit all interest you should get at least that 1k. But as i said if i could get 1200 from normal mode i would still start with 1k at 16. I have even more less respect for this "possible" 50-70 gold shortage. If you disaggree i`m fine with that. Quite irrelevant subject after all.
  14. I think as long as you kill all creeps from first 15 waves you should get 1k gold. Its at least pretty close to it as i cant remember getting less than 1k. I can try to kill as fast as possible and see if i can manage under 1k gold but i doubt it. If you dont kill all creeps you are dead, multiplayer or single. And hey i bettered a bit with my no-death tower build. Pumped it from 100 to 134. Still using Atoms as main damage towers. I wish i could fit in some form of slow as that makes atoms so much better. Arir 134 VH ronald kills.w3g
  15. Death towers are pretty good imho. Enjoy. Arir 205 VH ronald kills.w3g
  16. Apparently no-one else plays VH. Well here is record with abusing death towers. 205 ronald kills on very hard. Arir 205 VH ronald kills.w3g
  17. Congratulation. You even used chaos mode! First ronald kills on VH AR in a long time.
  18. you are wrong. I did i quick test. Played first waves very casually. Saved some interest and let some go. Finished all waves quite normal pace without stacking interest too much and rushed last wave asap (the wave i could stack most interest). I got 1105 gold from first 15 VH waves without using element arrow/cannon towers. If you wanna go for interest as element picks this is even better start. I think u can squeese to around 1200 gold without exra income elements but that is just a guess. If you are willing to spend extra couple mins to get that 100-200 gold its your choice but i would rather start straight from wave 16. As for your concern on learning towers, ap is definitely nice way to start. But you learn maybe half of towers by optimizing life/death or whatever you feel is powerful. Playing AR forces you to learn, see and use all towers. here is replay first 15 waves.w3g
  19. nope i havent watched those. But i`d loved to! Oh boy with 3 interest at start they had to micro like a champ first 30 waves at least. I couldnt do that. I still think interesting parts start far after first 15 waves I wish there would be masses of those replays instead of these VEZ ap games. Any chance those games could be uploaded on youtube?
  20. Yes i remember all 60 waves had to be played on VH but i think first 15 waves are a bit waste of time. The amount of interest that can be collected during those levels is almost nothing. I have run those first 15 so many times during real ronald hunts that it bores me to the bone .. Especially if you play on random and accuire something stupid like 2 dark elementals and 1 interest you almost have to start over... then on rerun you accidentally leak one and re again TT
  21. Then if we play on random mode very hard: Its not easy task to reach ronald wave (playing from start or short mode) so you can post any number of ronald kills. Twilice posted a replay of him going somewhere around 50ish level if i recall it correctly. I have played couple games but so far i have been too greedy or my jugling has failed me before ronalds.
  22. I dont know what modes are used but imo ultra short mode shouldnt be allowed. Short mode is fine for me as you can beat first 15 waves without leaks on any difficulty. We sould all aggree and make that as a rule. Especially if we play on hardest difficulty its not trivial task not to mess up anything during first 30 waves. Also opening records for random mode might be interesting. I can add 118 ronalds on normal random and 176 ronalds on normal all-picky All-pick was without cheesy death towers. Killing ronalds with raw damage is much more satisfying! ^^ As for random.. i think you shouldnt give restriction what to use there. On random you play with what you randomize. Arir 176 ronald normal.w3g Arir 118 AR normal ronald kills.w3g
  23. this is a good start. but use at least use short mode next time please. First 15 waves are trivial enough that you can start from lvl 16 imho. With ultrashord mode you skip too much. As far as other recent VH results are: Virus has 77 kills (also ultra short mode thoughl....) and i have 100 kills. Can i ask why you think you are clearly the best at VEZ mode? Is it style or something else as your results are heavily shadowed by other results on this newest eletd map? perm and virus have both provided working replays of newest eletd map and warcraft patch. EDIT: If i count only recent posters i think the best eletd player regardless of difficulty (VEZ to VH) is Twilice. Post a replay that proves me wrong if you disaggree.
  24. I have 100 kills on Very hard all-pick mode. Replay is uploaded. I have tried to get some shareable random element results on Very hard but so far i havent been that succesfull. Most of times i die with 50k on bank trying to jugle with too little towers.
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