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  1. Misirlou

    Alpha Signup

    EU Misirlou 754 thx for the opening
  2. Misirlou

    Element TD Update

    its a warcraft 3 frozen throne map so you gotta have it instaled, put the map on the wc3 maps folder and then run the game and create a custom. this is to play single only.
  3. Misirlou

    Starcraft II Progress

    i could help with portuguese. not a big deal with the eu sv, most pt's just prefer english. but brazilians tend to like it translated
  4. Misirlou

    Starcraft 2 B.Net ID

    Eu Misirlou - Misirlou.754
  5. Misirlou

    [WC3] Element TD 4.3b

    hny every1. guess ill be playing more TD before sc2 version gets released , those "wannabe" TDs at sc2 suck.
  6. Misirlou

    Starcraft II Progress

    hows the beta comming up? Santa is a bit delayed