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  1. played extra short,ap I did random. at lvl 35 I get all lvl 2 elements one after another. pretty crazy .P Element Tower Defense extra short bug.SC2Replay
  2. Now that is strange...try waiting it out. Also, what version of map? might be the longer than usual loading times that makes ppl alt-f4 instead of waiting? That always happens to me, always at least one who leaves the start of the game.
  3. same thing on 0.63 game start with blue leaveing, and then all except red get 11 minerals Element Tower Defense mineral bug.SC2Replay
  4. same thing happend once( the only time I cleared lvl60). think it was in vers 0.61 .
  5. 2 times I got gas instead of an random element, in -ar on on lvl 15 and 30 I think, when looking at the replay the game crashed ;/ attaching the replay. ingame nick ixzidor. Element Tower Defense random bug.SC2Replay
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