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    Tower Models?

    voodoo - This could be renamed to "psionic haunting"(they use alot of psi in this game, so it only makes since that something like a high templar could create an enduring effect on another creature through its power) glacier - I'm not really to sure about, but we got the statis field from protoss that kinda looks icy drowning - Maybe make a reference to banishing to the void or something like that "The Dark Voice's summons" I also think we should use the larva for something those little catipillers don't get much lovin' I was thinking of having the missle modeled after the spawn creep from the overlord ability. This might look the same as the tumor thing, idk, but it would be easier to manipulate around since the overlord ability is to target point - source meaning it targets the position of the casting unit. That being said I like the idea of the Aberration: Sorry couldn't find a smaller picture with the filters at work not allowing me to access blizzard.
  2. Eh Idk about ryoko td, but I was thinking more along the lines of original SC bound maps. where you had to dodge damage sources to make it to the end.
  3. Aye, you could use change the "playable" map size with in a map to only include portions, best example of this I know atm are some missions in the campaign(won't give away spoilers) or I read somewhere that blizzard mention the capability to link maps together for custom campaings. This being said it should be possible to load different maps from inside the original map, though I think players would get a little annoyed by this. EDIT: Thought of another mini game mode, but didn't want to double post so here it goes: Maze runner: In this mode you are given a certain type of creep to run the length of the maze. There are random tower spawn in random locations of different types. You recieve x amount of points for being the fastest and maybe award bonus points to the player with the most health left. There are two ways I see to make this more possible: #1 you give the creep abilities like invulnerablity, dash,maybe a timed invisiblity, and emergency heal(usable only once) #2 you make it so that towers are targetting a specific point in the maze and periodicly attack those points, so the player has to dodge the projectiles, while also trying to make it through the maze before oposing players.
  4. Whenever you log into battle net you can open up your friends tab. Then go to add friends, I believe its in that popup screen.
  5. On the gold part I was referring to if they didn't defend they would be screwed since they have 2-3 players taking turn sending high gold value units at them just to get them out of the game. Once again I'll state I'm not sure which I prefer, maybe have it sent to a random player. I'm just merely pointing out that the system might be able to be abused and that we should take it into consideration, not blow it off because you don't like some alternative.
  6. Severon

    Tower Models?

    I know there is already an idea out for the flesh golem, but if that doesn't take root we can always make him sorta the same but start out as a civilian. Basic idea: Starts as civilian/colonits once it gets enough to level up abilities it will change to marine marine then can change to jim raynor or marauder and it can keep going from their up to thor or odin. Just an Idea. The other from what I read isn't a bad idea but this could give us a visually appealing back up.
  7. I got a small problem with this just for fairness sack. With this people can team up against just one person, though you do have the creep blocking system in place so that will help, but one person can save up and send him powerful creeps while the other saves gold up for powerful creeps to send. If the defender player tries to send to many creeps he won't have enough gold to defend properly. The alternative is to just send it to the next player in line: EX: Player 1 goes to Player 2 Player 2 goes to Player 3 ect.. If player 2 is defeated or not in game creeps skip and go to player 3. this has issues and I'm aware of that, but I was told to brainstorm and think, so here is another idea to mule over.
  8. US Severon - Severon.594
  9. If we want competive play we could possible think on making a "tower war" type mode that you could choose from and make the creeps you can send based on the elements you get. that would make you pay attention to all the other players build and select which element would be best to use against all players or which element would be best to defend from players as well as from the creep waves spawned. Granted this is a Tower Defense and that doesn't quite fit within that genre, thats just a straight forward way to add in competition. More subtitle ways would require some thought before I am going to post my ideas about them. As for straight copy or not. I say not I think a straight copy from WC3 to SC2 would fail tbh. I think we need to keep in the core of the game but changing it to fit the new group of users. Obvisouly we wouldn't use wc units in sc2 but we are also down to less units to work with, but a higher technology level theme.
  10. Well I agree with you that there is the possiblity to maybe add a couple of elements, I don't agree with your "laser" one just because that is Light Amplified by Stimulated Emissions of Radiation, so this would fall under the category of the element light in my opinion, sorry for getting extremely technical, but a) I've been working with engineers that only work with lasers all summer and I know people online would say something about that as well. Though I could still see potential to adding the other two elements meantioned, that would help exspand the game a little more, but then again it might be best for them just to get the basics down first then maybe add others in later.
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