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  1. It's worse than that : you have a lot less time between waves, meaning it's a lot harder to micromanage your tower and build.
  2. Another thing, maybe even easier to do : make a topic on the forum with common acronym. Newcomer like me can be a little confused from time to time, even with context to help (DFS = insane difficulty ? Ronald record attempts ?)
  3. On minor suggestion, having a button on tower that make the same thing than -range xxx with xxx the main range of the tower would be useful. I don't know if it's easy or hard to do. On major suggestion, I would like either a mode where basic tower are not total refund, or a way to make the game less about destroying 30 wave with only basic tower. I like the interest mechanism because it reward people for not spending everything on the spot, but I really don't like the fact that it translate into "making boring building / selling operation for most of the wave to have a lot of money when interest came in". Having interest every 5 second instead of 15 could be a way to do it, another could be to have the 15+ wave too powerful to be reliably destroyed without special tower.
  4. 700 would be quite a lot, in my opinion. It's more than the basic tower range, and it can be trouble, for example when you are using an impulse tower as your only tower.
  5. I can't stress enough how much life tower can change your life if you have trouble to survive and are playing solo. but, for the end, you need big damage tower. It can be pure tower (especially pure nature or pure darkness in my opinion), it can be impulse, it can be death tower, and I certainly forget a lot of good tower, but on 50->60 the HP of towers are skyrocketing, and you need somehing that hit hard. Also, on the end, milking interest is most of the time not a good idea, you need a lot of tower.
  6. Hello. I have found two bug today. The first one is the more likely to be important. It's at 37:54 (the very end) and it's a plague rat that suddenly decide to turn back, do some distance, then take again the good path. Just don't laugh too much about micro in the replay ReturnBug.w3g The second one were found while I tested some tower with "whosyourdaddy" on. I have no slow tower, and the ronald clump together from time to time. Since a cheat was here, it may be only a cosnequence of the cheat, but still it cost nothing to talk about that. RonaldBug.w3g
  7. Select a tower, type "-range 700" in the chat, and you will see a circle centered on the tower with 700radius. This way, you immediatly see what area is covered by a tower.
  8. Don't trust me too much because I tend to struggle in hard mode but... * if you play alone, try to get the life tower. They help a lot : most of my game with life tower feel significantly easier than without. They tend to help more than slowing tower in my opinion. * you'd better try the 6/3 zone and then the 8/9 zone for tower. 7 is pretty bad because they is only one pass of the mob. 9 is IMHO especially good for finishing tower, i.e. disease, magic, quark, etc... * use "-range xxx" from time to time, to see what area is covered by your tower. Especially useful for fire tower, they have a really short range. (and quark. And some other, can't recall all of them) * light and darkness tower tend to be more forgivefull than the other, because of the range that allow them to catch the runaway. Gunpowder (darkness + earth ?) is also very good for this.
  9. Hello. First, I apologize for the bad english. I'm not exactly a native english speaker. Most tower defense map I try tend to be quickly forgotten, but this one is both well done and with a still active forum, so I guess I can give a little feedback, it may help. Just remember that it's solo feedback ; I understand it's not your main focus, but still it can give good idea. * some tower are both hard to understand, and somewhat boring. It's all those "twisted aoe shape tower", like spore, ice, oblivion, orbit, hydro, poison. WHen I got one of them, I tend to use them as a "general type aoe tower", unlike the well thought tower like for example disease, quark, gunpowder. * I guess it can't be helped because of game balance, but some tower feel strange. The main offender for me is Ice in this regard. The ice tower make light damage, something that look strange, and it effect does not look like what ice could do. (unlike polar, that feel very icy for me ). * Some other tower may be a little too much complicated ; for example vapor. It's already an unique tower because of it long range aoe aura, so adding the switch mechanism seem a little too much,because I feel it either waste uniqueness that could be used on other tower, or complicate fruitlessly the game. Tidal feel also a little too much complexe for my taste. Even if both wapor and tidal are a lot better that boring tower * I love the fact that every piece of information are already in the game, but it also make understanding some mechanism harder. Phazer is a good example, the formula is good to know, but "does more damage the nearer the target is" is something I understand much more quickly than "does 123599/distance damage". I can't really see a good way to both have the formula and a good way to explain the ability, sadly. * I does like that there is not a lot of slowing tower, but they may gain to slow in more different way IMHO. For example, 2 slowing tower and 2 stunning tower, or something like that. * The Ronald round is very, very boring. I would like better upgraded trash from precedent round, while still not gaining any money and having boosted monster. Or at least ronald with elemental armor, and some of them with undead / quick / mechanical, that kind of thing. (but I play on hard and I don't see them all that often) * I would like a button "random elemental" on the shop. Because full random change a lot of thing, and I just sometime want to have a little randomness to see what kind of tower I get. * unlike tower, mob don't feel very element-specific. Having element-only property, or some other customization of elemental mob, could be fun. It may feel like a lot, but still Element TD have a lot of good point, like being somewhat balanced, being well explained, having a good difficulty curve, being playable alone. Suggestions Tower : * a hard hitting, slow firing tower with a chance of doubling the target speed for a little time. The idea is, it will accelerate some of the mob, but not all, giving a more spreaded wave that give more usefulness to tower with small range. For example, quark would love to have more time to fire upon mob. * a tower that give a divine shield to a mob for 10 seconde. After thoses 10 secondes, the mob take a (very) big hit. * a hard hitting tower that give a buff to the mob. The effect of the buff would be : "if this mob is not killed before the buff expiration, you loose one life". Basically, the best way I could create for an opposite to the life tower. * I would like to see the return of a poison tower that give a long duration, life-sapping poison, and a tower with critical hit and a 1-1000 damage range. (but without any kind of composite attaque ) Both way to deal damage feel fun, and the poison one is also interesting to build around, since only one of thoses tower could be active on a given mob * a tower that can divide a mob in two, each with half the life. Would be dangerous, but good with aoe tower. * a tower that make a corpse explode for damage * a tower that loose life with each of it hit, but it harder than most tower ; in effect, it would be the opposite of the gold tower, and would require some thought on when to sold them (and cause trouble in full random game, seem you won't even loose the 25% gold) * a tower with devour : a long cooldown instant death (and with the cooldown depending of the hp of the unit). Mob ability * a mob that accelerate with time, and another one that decelerate. It would require more planification on tower placement. * a mob that gain a set amount of life (like 1% or something) each time it's hit. Would make slow, hard hitting tower more useful. * a mob that gain 3 stack of a speed buff per second, then loose one every second. Would make quick-hitting tower mroe useful. * a mob that spawn another element monster when it die. Undead with a twist ;p. I hope that you will find some useful idea in this post ;
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