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  1. I hope that you give 4.2c a few more chances and post your feedback. Well, I just played a few more games. EVERY SINGLE GAME the towers ended up freezing by around level 35ish. Not only does this version suck, it's unplayable, too. This never happened in EleTD 3 unless I intentionally built basic waters in the Ronald level to punish everyone with slow computers. Also, other people with slower computers were complaining about lag until the point the game froze. I did not experience any lag on my end because I have a high-end computer, but all your feature-creep just made it less accessible to players. DFNE was barely playable.. DFNE on -vh sr was hilarious and one of the most skill-intensive racks. Also, the original poster complained that EleTD is no longer "funny." Well, I knew some people found it very funny when they got beaten by instant kill. E: Amplified Earth was strictly better than all arrow towers unless facing nature DN first: Make 2 Death at position 7 on level 17 and win by level 25 (level 24 is heal) FE first: Make 2 Lava at position 7 on level 17 and win by level 25 (level 24 is heal) DNE: Crypt rush, win by level 40 (level 39 is heal) FNE: Play the interest game until you have enough to build 6 dinos at position 7 and smash everyone It was only near-unplayable in pick. DFNE on random actually has the most backdoor wins out of any rack due to two awesome instant kill towers and Lava's splash damage upon explosion. I can't believe I still remember this crap.
  2. Quote from the original topic because it's locked: As title says, I've been playing ele td for a long time, and now it's simply not funny/interesting anymore, when I have weaves where mobs turn on divine protection that makes them invulnerable on any kind of damage or they have ressurection, and besides all that I might have weak towers against them(counter-element) as well that does 50% damage, so it's obvious that It's impossible to defeat certain levels. General idea to balance out this is to reduce move speed of levels that have divine shield/ressurection or just general balancing of whole td = improve minimum damage taken from counter-elements from 50% up to 75%. Generally make TD a bit more easier and still fun to play. I used to be very very good @ ele TD before, could defeat hard mode and sometimes very hard mode, and now I'm not able to finish it in normal/easy mode.. seriously wtf is that. If you want only map creator and forum addicts who follow every single little change to be able to finish this td, then continue ruining it, because it's nearly impossible to finish it atm. This definitely isn't going to attract players if they fail every single game without any chance of improving coz pure imbalance. P.S. I don't even wanna start discussion when I type -random I played EleTD 4.2c last night. It was the first EleTD game I played in two years. Wow, this was hardly the game I enjoyed so much back in 2007. WTF happened? U = Upgrade tower Who came up with this bright idea? A and C were on the left side of the keyboard. These hotkeys to be ergonomic and improved response time. Now they're moved to the right side of the keyboard for no apparent reason other than to dumb down the controls. Interest micro is now significantly more difficult. But wait, you say. You wanted U to be the standard for every tower! Well, nobody sells level 2 and level 3 towers much because of the build time. Thanks for ruining what was a core component of getting a good start in EleTD 3. It's more difficult Quote from the original thread: back in 3.0 the better players would finish allmost every vh rnd I don't know about you, but I considered this a good thing. I spearheaded competitive EleTD play by building at position 7 when it was appropriate and eliminating all other players in under 20 minutes. Now there's not much opportunity to eliminate players. In fact, most players will die due to incompetence rather than being swarmed with creeps. This doesn't give me a great sense of satisfaction. The game now feels more like a true solo game rather than "beat the creeps ASAP to pressure the opponent." By overbalancing all towers so that none of them stand out from the others, there are no more backdoor wins like Lava or Death at position 7 at level 16-20. (see http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/GipFace%20...Lava%20rush.w3g for a EleTD 3 replay that used this; use WVS 1.21b) Who cares if some towers were better than others? On -sr mode, everyone gets the same rack, so the problem of balance there was already solved because everyone has access to the same towers. You fiddled too much with the mechanics. BTW, nobody could consistently keep up with me on -xvh sr back in the EleTD 3 days, and that was the hardest difficulty. (Cisz couldn't last past level 31 in about 5 -xvh sr games we played) Why make the game harder when no one else could beat the previous hardest difficulty? It's longer Nobody has the patience for a 1 hour TD game anymore. Right before I quit War3, I shifted towards maps like Line Tower Wars and Mini TD. Why? Because those maps are done in 20 minutes or less. EleTD 3 was neat because most games could end in under 30 minutes. By adjusting the levels so that it takes longer to kill each wave, the game takes more than 1 hour to complete in most cases. This sucks. (If there is short mode, I didn't see it, because the bots that host this game don't have it on) I suppose I no longer have much of a say in EleTD development, but all this feature creep is a huge turn-off. Well, whatever, War3 is dead, and more people are shifting towards Flash TD games which are simpler and faster. That should ring a bell and tell you what's wrong with EleTD right now.
  3. Heyya. This is GipFace! I don't play EleTD anymore, but I was one of the people who pushed for competitive EleTD play back in the 3.0 days. I thought it would be a shame to have these disappear forever, so here you go! Relics from the past! If you haven't seen serious 3.0 replays, you may be shocked at some of these! You will need V1.21a to watch all of these. I don't own War3 anymore (sold it) so sorry if some of the descriptions are off. Without further ado... http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/GipFace - 27m 59s SP record.w3g://http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/Gip...s SP record.w3g http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/GipFace - 30m 03s MP record.w3g://http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/Gip...s MP record.w3g 60 level speedrun. 27:59 in single, 30:03 in multi (towers fire slower). This was hotly contested back in the day. http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/GipFace - VH AR Lava rush.w3g://http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/Gip...R Lava rush.w3g http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/GipFace - VH SR instant kill rush.w3g://http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/Gip...t kill rush.w3g These two are a must-see. Most players wanted to outlast their opponents in the Ronald stage. They were wimps. Hyperprimate was the first EleTD tournament winner back in 2006; he won because he pressured everyone else into leaking. I took that to the next level and regularly built in position 7 and /, causing people to lose in a quick and humiliating fashion. Instant kill towers were regarded as garbage until I showed everyone what they were capable of. For a large portion of 2007, I rarely lost in VH SR mode using this aggressive tactic. http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/GipFace - VH SR from hell 1 - $$D$DN.w3g://http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/Gip...6;D$DN.w3g http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/GipFace - VH SR from hell 2 - $$$ELDEEF.w3g://http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/Gip...#036;ELDEEF.w3g http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/GipFace - VH SR from hell 3 - LN$$LDWNNLE.w3g://http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/Gip...036;LDWNNLE.w3g http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/GipFace - VH SR Spectrum at 31.w3g://http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/Gip...ctrum at 31.w3g VH SR was the most common competitive setting. It was trivial to survive to Ronald once you got the Storm tower (it was that good back then), but sometimes luck wasn't kind. Here are four games which had a difficult random set. Of course, no one else could survive. http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/GipFace - XVH SR learn to 27.w3g://http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/Gip...learn to 27.w3g XVH SR was a whole different beast. Unlike VH SR, where I "rarely lost," no one could beat me in XVH SR. Period. I remember Cisz and jolin012 each going 0-5 against me in this mode. Here's a peek at how to survive. It required constant tower switching and you could never rest, not even for a moment. http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/VS Good and jolin012.w3g http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/VS jolin012 - EDLWEWLWFEN.w3g://http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/VS ...EDLWEWLWFEN.w3g If someone did last as long as me, there was a trick I used in the Ronald stage. If you had a powerful gaming computer (which I did), you could fill your entire field with basic water and light towers. This would lag the other player out because their graphics card/CPU wouldn't be able to handle it. Now that it is 2009, this trick is much less likely to be successful, but it's good to keep it in mind. Always fill your field up during the Ronald stage. Enjoy!
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