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    Super Weapons

    Hi Kurasawa and Co. Thanks for your reminder for Ele TD. Me and my friend, have still been playing ELE td on warcraft 3 all the time recently. playing Very Hard, Chaos, All random, all the time. hoping to get nice elements and survive the 50 waves haha. If you guys still continue for warcraft (and not only Starcraft). Then I would be very glad to give some things I discover or want a small change for. mainly about playing on very hard, ele td newest english version for warcraft 3 (forgot the precise version..) 1. Radius tower: We really dislike this tower. Even building it in the middle or even on the right lane. It still does not enough damage. It feels it's so weak. Even with a upgraded version of this feels like very weak compared to other triple upgrades. Hopefully Radius can be a better tower in the future. 2. Poison tower; it helps but seems not to see their damage so well. maybe my eyes >.>.. 3. lastly, something about he pure element level 2, and 3. It feels like they are very weak agains very hard.even with spam of these does not help for me to kill the very hard waves >.<. Just some two cents. Cheers guys and keep up the good work. Ele TD cheers! Cheng
  2. Thanks karasawa! indeed a great new years gift! Keep up the good job with balancing towers, making less usefull ones more usefull cheers and happy new year!
  3. wow thats good news Karawasa Im still playing EleTD 4.2e with my best friend everyday. (he's new at this TD) but he's already advancing and doing ok. cant wait for your new EleTD good job by the way. Ele TD is one of my most favorite TD ever (together with Gem TD).
  4. Long time ago but maybe Holy light or karasawa or other cool people still recognise me >.> Im playing ele td 4.2e in English for a while already. Really my favorite TD all time in warcraft 3:) I really hope someone can translate 4.2e as well.. as I really want to bring it further among Chinese players here in China. >.< already asked Vinxu but seems he have not came here for 2 years already -.-" anyone? >.>
  5. Cheng

    Build lists

    nice early game guide HOLY! keep it up !
  6. really appreciated 13est! wish you have a great day pal.
  7. Hi 13est. I did read the rules long ago. What is wrong about my replay? I used the correct map version 4.0 Beta (I downloaded the English from here) Have correct name; Element TD 4.0 Public Beta.w3x And I told that my version is 1.20e by reading "At any rate, if you post a replay on an outdated version of tft, please tell us whitch version of the game it was." What is wrong then?
  8. lolz I got lucky I guess. Have a new replay: VERY HARD, ALL RANDOM. 55 ronalds ~_~ remember that I use war3 version 1.20e though Can I now make it into entry 3? Cheers ^^ EleTD4-VH-55 RONALDS!.w3g
  9. yeah but its hard too... yesterday Randomed VH normal game till level 53..or so leaked too much at the end....
  10. I quite like Random more challenge too haha...ALL pick seems so one sided.. but works out better I guess..
  11. haha now I have to learn from you experts, to achieve 100 or even 1000+ Ronalds for the Hall of Fame .... hard though...
  12. thnx again guys EleTD4 is my favorite TD map
  13. lolz...can't believe it.. my 1st time beating VERY HARD!!!... (short mode though, but Im sure I can have no leak till first 15 levels lah ^^) yay! with the help of 2 cool Periodic Towers ^^" Thnx Cisz and Jolin for your advises! it was fun! EleTD VH-14 RONALDS!.w3g
  14. yeah I know Jolin, I actually build on 4 for Zealot a Just-Two-pass...lol... thnx
  15. yeah I should sell but I was thinking a lot that time...which to sell lol.. two-pass is indeed better than long pass except for Zealot for example.... he stops the speed after not attacking for 4 sec. etc
  16. lolz Cisz..... my new record VH random: level 58/59 @_@ ...again I was lucky to get all elements finally ...that's why I could go so far this time... damn...that was close.... just didnt had enough money for Period of Elements tower -.-"... EleTD VH-4.w3g
  17. yep. Thnx Cisz. maybe if you can make another replay random VH one day? hehe ^^"
  18. hmm you said dont build at 4? I tried 6 often...it works very well in the beginning but...later not.. do you think its smart to always try to rebuilt with the strong element and sell the weak element each round? because later, after level 30 or 40 I have to rebuilt so fast that I can't keep up with the wave... advisable always to use the best element, and of not 200%, use my strongest 100%? this is what I have in mind...but to rebuilt so much at end levels, you won't be able to keep up... yesterday I had a tornado tower in the mid, the rest on 6. could do well till around 30 or so and then starting to leak slowly.... with this way I could'nt even reach 51 which was my record building on 4...etc .. hmmm more trying....I guess
  19. Thnx for your precious advice Cisz ^^ I guess I've to play more and then will get it one day... lol Thnx again! Cheers
  20. ok Cisz...3rd time i need more in-dept tips...... what am doing wrong? wrong places? i did 2 way and long way hybrid all the time... wrong towers? I tried many different, slows and damage, incl my best tower (4500+ gold) sigh... EleTD VH - 3rd....w3g
  21. lol we still use the old version here in Shanghai, 1.20E -.-"
  22. k Cisz... 2 replays again.. 1st one is, VH random 2nd one is VH, random short mode (to save time...) it's very hard >.< EleTD VH - 1st attempt...w3g EleTD VH - 2nd attempt short mode....w3g
  23. lol Cisz. sorry didnt save that replay. long ago... I actually randomed ALL 6 elements once or more. so I had the right towers hehe. especially the slow ones.... hmm now hard every time cant come far -.-"
  24. thnx. I completed HARD once on Random. now it's time for VH-.-" its very hard indeed..
  25. wow thnx Cisz.... you have REALLY a lot experience lolz... I hope I can beat hard one day...and then very hard -.-" which seems just impossible for me. Today again I managed to get to level 50 only... hmm It's just hard to understand all your big advices...cause every game is also different..have to adjust myself also... I try more later I guess...almost want to give up...
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