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  1. The new banner is awesome. Homepage announcement not comfort to me, took me twice to read it. (Centered text wasn't the problem, just too crowd) Make some space or line between each announce? Also links of download section make it same level?
  2. bugbug

    New Ad Type

    No worries I got AdBlock
  3. Welcome from Selayang, Batu Caves, Malaysia!
  4. Is it possible to auto-douse when x amount of creep inside the range?
  5. bugbug

    Please help me

    If using patch 1.23 and the map not listed in custom games, you need to shorter its name. It happened to me, this name "DotA Allstars v6.59 AIPlus 1.52 Rev. 01.w3x" is too long and not shown in custom games list. Fixed after shorter its name to "DotA Allstars v6.59 AIPlus.w3x".
  6. bugbug

    New Terrain

    Hi everyone, here's my thought about terrain. First time I test T21, I was... wow great effort! It totally fit ELEMENT into the natural terrain. Nice! Only downside is hard to recognize building area. Then I saw pre-T22 terrain, it made me down. I can't feel the ELEMENT and nature instead.. Modem wall/border, city road/enviroment that in real life? Now, take a look back at 4.0 public release terrain. Can you feel nature? Ask yourself which fit Element TD 4.0 public terrain.JPG t21 terrain.JPG t22.JPG
  7. Hi, tomato. Your GG-client buddylist is full. My GG-account : Midnite_Butcher
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