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Guest gentle

EleTD 4.0 Beta Single Player VH AP NM

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Guest gentle

[Edited] removed attachment.

Hi all,

I started playing EleTD from version 2.0, I'm a newbie to 4.0.

Sorry that previous post with wrong attachment, anyway all kinds of curse and slow tower beside the 2 Periodic Tower by the top right corner(at 9), some Jinx(at 5, 6, 8) and Polar(mainly at 4), rest is Hydro (at 7, 8)

Fire x2, Light x2, Nature x2, Earth x2, Dark x2, Water x1

I felt that Incantation Tower somehow did not hit all the ronalds for armor reduction therefore causes some leaks later parts. Somwhow I felt if i switch the Nature to Water for 1 point in order to get Hydrocloric as it is spread and all ronalds will get armor reduction, it will be better.

All comments/strategies welcome.

Inspirations Credits: jolin012 [6 Elements], Cisz [Corner Strategy], DDRKirby(ISQ) [Jinx Tower]

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