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[Dota2] EleTD - Second lane - Pure Essense table bug

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Posting this again as I've mistakenly post this in Mobile section instead of Dota2 section.

As at 25/02/2020.
In Dota 2 EleTD, the second lane, the table where you can trade lumber for pure essense is bugged.


Firstly, sometimes the table doesn't load at all, just show the word "ERROR" in 3D text.


Secondly, if the table manage to load, the table size compares to other lane is very small.


Thirdly, if the table manage to load, you can't click it at all.
The only way I find to be able to click it, you have to unlock all 6 elements, then it would let you click on it and trade lumber to essence.


But this is very annoying as sometimes you just want to try 3-5 elements and not have to waste lumber to just get around the bug.


In most games I am in, people will avoid second lane.

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I couldn't replicate this issue when playing single player. Does this occur on the Autumn lane?

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