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Welcome (Back) to the Nostalgia Forum Draft Series!

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Welcome (Back) to the Forum Draft Series! For old times sake, don't be removed from the pool yet again!


WAR3 / SCii ONLY. (sorry, no dota2). ACCESS TO ELEMENT TD DISCORD IS REQUIRED. Unity version rules pending


Old school players might remember this series (with a different rule set) which led to some of the very best matches and some really over the top builds the game has seen.


The concept is simple. 2 players take turns to ban and pick towers (detailed below), until each player has a pool of 12 towers. You cannot pick a tower which your opponent has already chosen or has been banned by either player. This will be forum draft, so the host will not enforce strict pick timers, but do your best to make each set of picks within a day after your opponent does so.


The towers you've picked are the only ones you can build in the game. Triples must be upgraded from one of the duals you have selected. There is no restrictions on elements. You are allowed to pick a tower you cannot build just to deny your opponent that tower. 


Game settings will be hardest difficulty with no additional modes, with the exception of short mode if both players agree. No excessive interest abuse will be allowed, such as deliberately letting a single creep run around the map multiple times. Host has the right to disqualify any replay deemed as breaking this rule.


When the draft is complete, both players can take a few days to plan the build before meeting online for the duel (strongly encouraged you arrange a time with your opponent to play against each other, a different rule set will apply for single player contests). The winner of the match is the player with the higher boss kills. If both players lose before boss, last survivor is the winner. 


For clarification of the rules, post in this thread or ask in discord #draft. If you are interested to play, post your discord name, and which map you wish to play in this thread. Your opponent will be randomly chosen by me from the available players. A new thread will be created for the actual draft and replay submissions.


Use of any cheats or abuses is forbidden. In the event of any disputes, draft host decision is final. Rules may change, players are strongly encouraged to check back frequently.


Full Draft Process: 


Player A bans any one tower


Player B bans any two towers


Player A bans any one tower

Player A Pick #1


Player B Pick #1
Player B Pick #2


Player A Pick #2
Player A Pick #3


Player B Pick #3
Player B Pick #4


Player A Pick #4
Player A Pick #5


Player B Pick #5
Player B Pick #6

Player B bans a tower


Player A bans a tower

Player A Pick #6
Player A Pick #7


Player B Pick #7
Player B Pick #8


Player A Pick #8
Player A Pick #9


Player B Pick #9
Player B Pick #10


Player A Pick #10
Player A Pick #11


Player B Pick #11
Player B Pick #12


Player A Pick #12

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Replay submission rules


For all map versions, you are REQUIRED to PM me via discord a screen shot with the score board expanded, most of your build within the frame and the elemental boss running after wave 15, 30, 45 and final victory/defeat. If you do choose to delay summoning the elemental boss, the screen shot during the wave you summon the boss is to be submitted. Failure to do so may be considered potential cheating.


For multiplayer games, attach the replay to the thread once the game is complete. For single player contests, attach the replay in the corresponding thread when the time for submission is up. If you submit replays early, you are allowed to replace it until the time is up. Due to time zones, players may have a few additional hours to submit replays before the host closes the submission.

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