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Sharing my Co-Op/Insane-W/L/F-Single player

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Just looked at this after i bested your solo score (did 3,2mios). Most interestingly i also went for a quite similar build. Only that i went for 2 nature (for well lvl 2) and did not build any pure/water towers, but used one poison lvl 3 tower per lane and more drows in total.

My tower placement (drows) was different as well, but i guess that's preference.


I guess the main difference was that i did not leak till frogs and had a bit faster overall clearing speed.

The sad thing about solo-coop is that you are kinda luck dependent, as if a bad wave hits you at a bad timing, your score will suck.

The other issue is that all towers with 700 or lower range are very hard to use or pretty much worthless at all, which really limits the builds you can go.

I managed to do 2 games with decent scores (over 2 mios) with an impulse and an obliteration/life build, but they are way harder and much more luck dependent to pull off.


Edit: did 2 mio+ with two other builds as well (3D3W3N 2L flooding poison and disease + buff towers) (3N3E3W1F ephmerals, earthnature duals water pure + buff towers), still not as powerful as drows+poison+2 types of support towers



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okay, thanks your tip place poison on each land, it's helped me improve more speed

about last 2N, I think 2F still better with slow +  damage amp

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@2 fire, could be, in my normal eletd build i use 2 fire as well (for corrosion and forge), but i have a level 3 muck tower there for slow.

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