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Just a reason to hail Hail (tower)

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A build using hail, poison, pure water with trickery, muck and polar for support. This is not the best build, just one of the many ways you can approach this combination. 





Light 1, water 1

Dark 1


The first 5 waves are played using elemental water and dark cannons until you have enough gold for a hail tower on wave 6.


Water 2


Earth waves are the major issue with this build and set up. Water towers (eventually upgraded to pure) are used to cover this elemental weakness.


Dark 2


Upgrade to poison 2, adding towers where necessary.


Light 2


Upgrade to trickery 2 and hail 2.


Water 3


Cover for earth waves.


Dark 3


Upgrade to poison 3.


Light 3


Upgrade to trickery 3.


Earth 1

Earth 2


The ending towers are upgrading to pure water together with the support towers, muck and polar.



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1 hour ago, Dreklie said:

How the hell are you getting a hail tower at level 5? It's a tri element tower ...


Play in express mode.

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