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Replace Electricity Tower with /This/

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Telsa Tower (to replace Electricity)

DMG: 50

BAT: 0.66

Ability: Creates two Beacon within 1100 AoE of the Telsa Tower, causing the Telsa Tower to fire lightning rapidly in their directions. Enemies within 300 AoE of the Beacon takes damage as well. The further away the beacon is from the tower, the stronger the damage.



 - Plays with that Reverse Electricity idea

 - Allows interesting placement of towers

 - With micro, able to cover the whole map if necessary.

 - Potential single-target with decent AoE (in a line)



 - Too much micro (?) for the casual

 - Might be too strong?


K. +1 to forum posts.

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How is it every version of EleTD, this idea, with various variations (and redundant redundancy) is suggested multiple times by different people every time. Also, forum posts OP, pls nerf.



Anyhow, I think I'd consider this as the alt tower, mainly cause yeah, that could be too much micro for casual, so rather than replace Electricity, just have it as an alternative. Though, I'm curious, why would the damage be stronger at longer ranges? Also, if it's too controllable, it might as be the old Windstorm Tower, which was capable of hitting the whole map as well. Yes, Hail can technically hit the whole map, just not 24/7.

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I... I don't know. You tell me why, good sir. :P


My original idea was that the attack speed would decrease if it's further away, but I scrapped that idea. Wanted to make a versatile tower that could function like a rapid-fire gate, or a long-ranged sniper-tower. Plus I wanted to utilize the 2 x 2 on the top left more.


Edit: And technically with 13 hail towers, you can hit the whole map all the time :P

Edit2: Why is there a dot under my title, and why is my title Basic Tower.

Edit3: I think I just leveled up...

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