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Tower upgrade names unnecessary/confusing for new players

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My suggestion is to remove all the tower upgrade names from 2 element towers and 3 element towers.



  • confusing for new players
    In my first game my friend told me to build a blitz tower.
    • Checking tower table not there
    • asking friend ->upgrade from haste tower
    • upg Haste tower to Biltz
    • read skill description again(because it has another name) and see only damage increase
  • most players don't know the names
    • I wrote a guide and one of the first questions was of course "Where did you get the  Foundry Tower?"
  • I think i played the game more then the average player already and still could only guess what a Steam tower or a Wizardry tower is.
  • You can't find the tower-names in game when you don't build the towers.
    • you have to play several games until you see all the names once. How should players get familiar with the names?
    • The average player won't study tower names on the website


  • some tower names sound cool


If you confuse other players when you use the real names what is the point of having them?

well 1, well 2, well 3 is clean and every player knows what you are talking about after 2 games.

or just add adjectives like you did with single element towers.


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Yeah.. I agree!


Also some descriptions could be more detailed..

  • Example.. When hovering over Water 2 upgrade, it would say "Damage: 100/200/600/1000" etc.. etc..


  • This might not be necessary, but I personally like when things are said in %, deals 300% dmg every 4 attacks... Instead of 3x damage or triple damage..

You get the point.. >_>

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Yeah, talked about this with the rest of the dev team, and while it is cool for lore purposes, we're gonna go with just Name + Level. Thanks for bringing this up! Should be applied next patch.

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