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4 Element towers

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Now i'm no balance expert and I have noticed a pattern in 2 Element towers that buff being all in completely separate categories so I won't really try to sell any tower ideas to you guys. However would it be possible to implement a set of towers that utilize 4 different elements? These of course would be needed to be upgraded from a 3 element tower that is level 1 still and still have a secondary upgrade.


A few things behind this idea

• You have alternative tower choices and build paths rather than the classic 3/3/2/2 elements + pure which is pretty much the current meta

• Higher late game investment with price tags of 3500 > 8000...? The people behind balance can decide the numbers as i'm just doing rough estimates based off 2 element > 3 element tower differences.

• The secondary upgrades to these towers could just use pure essence and 8700 gold while not requiring 2/2/2/2 or visa versa

• More interesting power towers to choose from instead of basic pure elemental towers

• Stronger combined versions of 3 element towers


I'll try to think up of more ideas for the towers but you can leave your own suggestions here also!


Dark + Water + Fire + Earth - 1150 Range/Very fast

Average/Low base damage + Additive damage passive (Similar to fury swipes) or Haste tower passive with Fast attack speed instead of Very Fast + Additive damage passive


Dark + Fire + Nature + Earth - 900 Range/Fast

Moderate base damage with an AoE + Pseudo napalm ability that slows and explodes around the creep after X amount of attacks with a decay period. This ability would be like a Sand King E with the current napalm ability on a tower which is slightly stronger than its previous upgrade.


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We are planning in adding more towers but as Alternate Versions of the existing ones, changing the effect and element type. Check it out here we are still looking for ideas for most towers


As for 4-element towers, it would mean adding 15 new tower models and every lvl 1 triple having access to 2~3 more upgrades... It's doable for sure, with a 4 elem build you would just get 1 extra option in any of your 4 triples to upgrade to, while a 5 elem build gets ... 7 towers I think?

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Its mainly a passing thought, the towers would most likely just be a throw-up of two 3 element towers that use the same elements as the 4 element tower. These may or may not be a good idea to implement but they do require more investment than having a pure elemental tower which just does high damage at varying distances.

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