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Kpop fangay

AoE target towers with possible 'double attack'

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So this is a bug that i've just been toying around with whenever I see a bloody reanimate wave in early levels while doing Chaos + Rush on Insane which tend to be borderline impossible without AoE towers. However after using these AoE targeting towers i've noticed that using the 'target location' ability can allow you to get a free extra auto attack within the 'attack cooldown'


Reproduction steps

1) W + Click the area you wish to attack with your towers

2) Press S as soon as the ground targeted attack missile has left the tower

3) Repeat until all creeps die

4) Congratulate yourself for getting an extra auto attack that saves you a reset on a leaderboard score


This bug only works while there are creeps within auto attack range of the AoE ground targeting towers. I'm sure if one of my scores made it to #1 on the leaderboard it would've gotten removed with this early level cannon tower abuse or something, who knows.

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Nice catch, the AttackNoEarlierThan function was bugged so I'll just stun the tower shortly after cancelling the ability :) Thanks for the report, this was definitely abusable with cannon towers early

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