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The holepercent's series - Basic LWFE

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Welcome to the series, where holepercent (tries to) complete the game with every possible combination of 4 elements. The builds presented are by no means optimised for top scores but are more to give you, the player, ideas on how to approach any specific 4-element build.


The second build replaces nature with earth. This build is very reasonable to complete, featuring the current flavor of the moment - haste/blitz tower supported by blacksmith, windstorm and polar. Gold towers do not feature as this build is relatively fast and gold towers have less opportunity to get the last hits.




Approximate build order:

(water,fire), earth, water, fire, earth, light, light, water, fire, earth

1 vapor
7 hydro
8 haste
10 mist
12 haste #2
14 forge
16 blitz
18 windstorm
19 blitz #2
21 mist #2
22 glacial
23 blitz
25 pure water
26 steam X2, monsoon tower #2
27 mist tower x2
28 forge x2, pure water

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