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The holepercent's series - Basic LWFN

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Welcome to the series, where holepercent (tries to) complete the game with every possible combination of 4 elements. The builds presented are by no means optimised for top scores but are more to give you, the player, ideas on how to approach any specific 4-element build.


Without further ado, here is the first build featuring the elements light, water, fire and nature. Back in the wc3 days, nova/windstorm/tidal/celerity was one of the strongest and arguably easiest builds to play to complete the game, with 2 aoe slow towers and strong splash available.


Here, the build is still strong but has some fundamental differences due to a re-design of tidal tower. What used to be a splash tower with an ability that had to be charged up is now a tower that has diminishing aoe with every attack. With waterfall towers, the tower reaches single-target at a much faster speed. Hence, the approach is to play this as a dominant single target build, with the aoe slows used to give velocity towers more firing time at greater distances. The main damage towers are tidal and velocity.




Approximate build order:

(Fire,Water),Light, Nature, Nature, Water, Fire, Light, Nature, Water, Fire. 

1 vapor
4 ice
8 tidal
9 flame
12 impulse
13 spring
16 velocity
18* velocity #2
19 tsunami
20 spring #2
22 monsoon
23 supernova
25 waterfall X2, pure nature
27 velocity X2
28 pure water

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26 minutes ago, Thunderbolt said:

why use the last lumber for fire and not trade for essence so that you will have more money for more towers?

mostly just to drop some tier 3 duals which do not see play very often...

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you need to adapt this a bit for normal mode, i got easy 100k score with it without losing any lifes before bosslevels on normal mode

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Could you make a 6-element guide? I've tried downloading the wc3 replays but the file doesn't seem to be working, it says it has 0kb.

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