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Leaderboard not updating

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It seems that the leaderboard is broken. My profile doesn't show games played https://hatinacat.com/leaderboard/players/10350705

I've played several games after that.

And when reaching results which should show on the leaderboard they don't.


I believe the problem started after the first patch on Feb 21.

Any ideas or suggestions if the fix can be done from my end?

EDIT: Played using custom lobby as single player, without cheats turned on.

EDIT 2: Apparently public 4863724 game registered, I wonder why the solo plays don't count.

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Hey, same goes for me :/

Everything worked fine and extremely fast on Saturday!

But now my games won't be added to my profile nor to the leaderboard

Don't know if this is a temporary issue, just wanted to let you know :))

Game Details:
start time: 22.02.2016, 02:04
duration: 1:30:15
ingame (dota2) match id: 2169399411 (single player)




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