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[SC2] Element TD 1.50

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- Replaced Laser Tower (DEL) with a new concept

- Reduced wait time for first dialog to 5 seconds

- Nerfed Earth Tower damage to 17/85/425/6375

- Nerfed Vapor Tower (FW) damage to 9/45/225

- Nerfed Flamethrower Tower (DEF) damage to 120/600

- Nerfed Magic Barrage (DFL) search area to 2.25

- Buffed Napalm (DEF) damage to 80 per stack

- Buffed Celerity Tower (FNW) base damage to 700/3500

- Buffed Ephemeral Tower (ENW) damage to 600/3000

- Buffed Haste Tower (EFW) damage to 330/1650

- Buffed Flooding Tower (DNW) damage to 320/1600

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