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Guest dyehardz

(open-b4 suggestion) switch ED with EW

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Guest dyehardz

in open-beta4 :

- earth + darkness = gunpowder (long range)

- earth + water = hydro (slower alike)

I suggest switch ED with EW for balancing purpose.

long range towers in open-beta4 :

- FNW (impulse)

- L (light)

- D (dark)

- DE (gunpowder)

dark tower is already long range.

if we use EW, we'll have more combinations to

survive from certain creep (for example : machines)

2-elements slow towers in open-beta4 :

- WL (ice)

- FN (flame)

- WE (hydro)

water used twice, and no darkness.

if we use ED, imo it's more balanced.

What's your opinion?

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ain't that easy:/, both names, attacktypes, and alot more messes up, damagetype balance too. and long-/shortrange isn't the highest priority imo

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