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Just having fun with 138 lives in Veasy mode ^^

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I got a lucky rondom on very easy too - first dual life, nova and storm, and wealth towers and monsoon later on. My max life was only 138 and I started to leak when I tried to beat the blue players net worth. :P Do you know that life works on mech now? You seem to drop them for mech sometimes.

Please stick to the rules about naming your map. It was annoying to imitate your folders. :?

And your highest life count was 139, not 138 as in the name of this thread, or 131 as in the name of the replay. :)

You must be psychic, naming the thread after my replay, before I even posted. :shock::lol:

1399 Eletd (4pb ve rnd) won abort - 138 life max.w3g

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Guest ma23

my first attempt

200 lives

1392 ronalds

i didnt know ronalds can give lives.

for others trying to go for most ronalds, the lvl 34 fire and each fire afterwards need water damage. in my game i must have leaked at least 50-70 creeps and at 55 i started getting periodics for no real reason.

with good positioning of creep debuff towers and the use of wells and blacksmiths, a 300 life game should be attainable.

200 lives 1392 ronalds ---ma23---.w3g

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