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Working thread for ruleset

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Element TD Tournament Rules

Version 0.1 (work in progress)

for Clan Etd (Northrend) tournaments

by Cisz and Jolin012, with the help of many others

Game mode and map version:

These tournaments are played as games of very hard samerandom free-for-all on the 3.0 version of eletd. The version is ofc the official 3.0 final.

General concept:

A tournament usualy consists of two parts, the preliminaries and the finals. Each of this parts can get as long as two rounds, for a maximum lenght of 4 rounds in total.

If not enough players take part in such an event, the number of rounds might be reduced.

Each round but the final one consists of simultaniously played games of eletd.

If both rounds of the preliminaries are held, round one is played to sort players for the second round, and no players leave the tournament after the first round. After the second round only the best players continue into the finals. This can be the best 1-3 players of each game of the second round, depending on the total number of players.

The finals usually consist of the semifinal (round three) and the final (round four). Again, only the best players of the semifinals advance to the final, which consists of a single game. The last player standing in this final game is the winner of the tournament.

Entering the tournament:

To enter the tournament, the players have to apply in the proper application thread located in the forums on http://www.eletd.com/forum before the event. Players have to own a legit copy of the game and to be able to play on the northrend server of battle.net. In addition the players have to show up for the first round on the set time and date on the Northrend server of the battle.net in the channel "clan etd". [All ongoing information about the tournament will be posted on the forums, so having access to the forums during the tournament is also a prerequisite.]

The structure of rounds:

(Missing, will contain parts about missing players, number of players, seeding and the like.)

Finding and reporting a game:

The players for each of the games will be selected by the tournament organizers according to the tournament rules. Once the players for a game are chosen, their names will be listed on the forums along with a gamename. The organizers will determine a host for each game. The host opens the game as a private game with the proper game name. Once all players have entered, the host asks all players if they are ready to start. As soon as either all players agree to start or 5 minutes of waiting time has passed after the question, the game is started. The host then sets the game options for all players to very hard, samerandom, no heroes, no chaos, no extreme. After the game every player has to save the replay of the match. Then he has to report his result for the game on the forums with a post in the proper tournament thread and to upload the replay as an attachment to that.

Missing a game:

If a player fails to show up for a game for more than 10 minutes in the preliminaries or more than 20 minutes in the finals, the game is counted as a loss for him. Players losing by missing a game in the first round of a two-round preliminaries but manage to be there for round two, are still allowed to play from there on. In all later rounds (or if the preliminaries are one round only) players that miss a game are out of the tournament.

Winning a game:

The goal of each game is, to stay alive (having not being reduced to 0 life) for as long as possible. The last player standing is the winner of a game, the player that lasts second to him gets second place and so on. Each game has to be played till only one player is left, even if the best 3 continue to the next round, because the ranking is important for seeding the next round. As soon as only one player is left, this game is decided. The last player standing should abort the game to report for the next round. A player missing to show up for his next game because he continued to play on in an already decided match, loses by forfeit.


If a player disconnects after his second lumber has been spent, the game will continue without the lost player and the disconnected player will get the worst rank possible (he will not get a worse rank than those that allready died when he got disconnected). If the player is disconnected before his second lumber has been spent, and the player has not been disconnected in this round before, the game shall be paused. After the game has been paused the dropped player has 5 minutes to claim a rematch. The player must have been alive when he was disconnected to claim a rematch.

Forbidden tactics and cheats:

All players have to conduct their games in a legit manner. They are not allowed to use any cheats or hacks. Intentionally causing your opponents to lag is also disallowed. This includes filling the map with low level towers to create workload for the network/cpu. In case of doubts the tournament organizers will decide what considers cheating and what not.

General behaviour:

All players have to stick to common courtesy standards about general behaviour among/towards other humans. Insults, racism, sexism, rudeness, or anything else that the tournament organizers deem intolerable, can result in a disqualification.

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We might want to use the following rule:

When claiming a rematch after a disconnect, you start with the number of lives you had when you got disconnected.

This discourages 'disconnect cheating': disconnecting on purpose when your early-game performance wasn't as good as you would have liked.

We'll probably need to play with a special tournament version of the map to make this rule possible.

Disclaimer: this is just a random thought, i didn't think it through.

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Guest 1mpulse

its in an interesting idea, if we had a tournament special map, then we could have commands in it to set the conditions to exactly how they were before the disconnect..

lives, level, gold, lumber, elements etc.


save the game every five levels, then on return load the save. (better than a restart imo, and can be done for a disconnect on any level)

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We have to keep in mind that any map used in a tounament if effectively a public version.

That said, adding a cmmand to the 3.0 that does nothing but reduce the life of the one that uses it, might be no problem.

I picture such a commend as "-loselife X" with X beeing the life that you lose when you use it, so "-loselife 3" would lose you 3 life. It's still abuseable, as people will tell other players to use the command "because it's so clever and funny to hurt them".. :(

Maybe if the method used would result in a big warning before you do it, it could work. Like a menu popping up and warning you with a yes/no requester ("Are you sure you want to lose your life points? The other players will be at an advantage!").

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Is it really possibly to replicate a game? With all the timers set at right time, towers at right place and other stuff.

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