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Potential Hero Abilities

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i referred as aoe talking about skills/spells and as splash talking about the normal tower attack.

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0rb3r brings up an interesting way to handle hero mode. Should all 6 heroes essentially have the same skills, but have enough levels where you need to plan what path you want to take with it? Or should each hero have an unique ability or two?

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As long as the skills can be balanced there can be differences i. ex.

the water aoe damage (1 in my list) could be a field spell damaging creatues over time in an area and frostbiting creatures that are slowed by Ice towers and slow creatures affected by kindle's roast.

while fire aoe damage can de a vulcano that throws randomly lava xhunks and benefits from sunburned and rosted units making the corpses explode.

while light can be a mix of lightnings falling from heaven and then bouncing 1 or 2 times after they hit. Units hit get double damage if they are hit more than once or hit short after by a electricity tower.

Really doesn't matter, it has just to be possible to balance it somehow.

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Guest AEK
I'm pretty sure I've seen temporary range boosts coded before, but I can't remember what map it was.

Green TD? I think they used aura towers to increase damage, speed and range.

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Guest del_diablo

What about:

Hero System:

* Upon spawning lvl2 element your hero's stats growth get set and special:

-Water = Slowing Attacks

-Earth = Splash

-Fire = Lower Range, more Int for mana

-Darkness = High Damage

-Nature = Bounce (2-3 units)

-Ligth = Alot faster

A hero can have 5 skills, soo starting element = gets innate with the ability called element.

*First element type after getting hero will decide what ability your 1st gained skill will become.

*If tier 2 elements comes after lvl 1 abilties are gained they will level(changed to a other skill or same with better stats)

*For innate its different, the innate will power up only on tier 3 elements. In some strange way like a Upgrade.

*When hero levels you get to chose to level skill 1, 2, 3 or 4.

*5th element ending up spawning will being the ulti(needs to NOT be summons. can be stuff like: bash with Cooldown, one of the boost damage aura's, Insane pulerize with Cooldown, etc)

Soo basicaly you will need a trigger to level the gained skills accourding to hero level powerup skills.

*Soo if you get 5 points in skill 3 it will be on lvl6 when you get it.

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