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Hi there!

I know there are a lot of selections at the beginning. But I have a new one, please consider it and if it seems to be good, I would be happy to see it in beta 10 :)

Generally, the case now is:

Tier 1 (all 6) is slower, maybe easier, though your towers cost more, you have more interest ticks as well.

Tier 3 (3 of them) is the fastest; higher levels have a good price in terms of efficiency (5x damage for 4x price), but you must overbuild because creeps are running faster and you have to shot more at the same moment.

General random mode means, that you can have tier 1, 2 or 3, and you don't know, which is going to happen. You may either have a relaxing hour or a fast paced workworkwork of 40-50 minutes with a high probability of death.

So I think, it would be good to select, which type of random do you want. If I would implement it on a dialog (which is unavailable), I would do it so:

[x] I want interest picks (A)

[x] I want pures (B)

(o) I want all the elements as soon as possible (prefer level 1) ©

(o) I want as much level 2 as possible (D)

(o) I want as much level 3 as possible (E)

So, two checkboxes and a radio group.

In the menus, only radio groups are possible, except single player mode, where I can even have 100 selections, but we try to reduce their number. :)

Therefore, I think B and E go strongly together, namely B contains E, but not the inverse. (Say you want level 3 duals, then you prefer simple elements instead of pures.)

I also think that D and E disprefers interest, because you want elements in both cases - picking interest means that you can have less level 2/3.

So, the following radio list seems to fit:

(o) I want an easy game (A)

(o) I want level 2 elements (B)

(o) I want level 3 elements ©

(o) I want pures (D)

(o) I want full random / I don't care (E)

How should they work?

A: all level 1 elementals have a high probability, and until level X (say 30), up to two picks, interest has, too. Then it goes either B or D.

B: interest is disclosed and level 3 has a very low chance. Then in 11 picks you have either all the 6 or at least one level 3.

C: interest is disclosed and after getting 3, 4, 5 elements, the chance of the remaining elements is greatly reduced. It can also be hardcoded to be 4 element build, so if 4 elements are available then pick one of those.

D: tend to either give all 6 or level 3 and at least one more pure essence, or even 2.

E: just have an algorythm you want.

I know that ABCD aren't as much "random" as E. So the 75%-100% problem exists. Especially in case of A, because it' 99% that you'll have all the elements. It should be discussed, what do you think about it.

Why #1: A is easier then B, B then C, but E is a surprise. It means you can have a strategy.

Why #2: In EleTD, having more elements mean you have a much wider variety of towers, namely stocking slow, armor reduction, etc. Just imagine, what happens if you have 5 elements but light. You're strongly waiting for the dawn, aren't you? Storm, Nova, Ice, Money, Electricity. But all other elements can have their beloved towers, too.

How to implement single?

Single means that either the host chooses or there is one player.

Instead of the current list, display these (with option Pick, of course).

How to implement multi?

If any same-random criterion is available, then it should be E (as it is now).

If players have their own random modes (all-random or me-random), then they should be asked for their specific. Maybe with a message when you type -random or when the menu choses it to you: "if you want another random mode, type -random1, -random2, -random3, -randomP or -random".

I think this idea is good ;) but can have some weaker points, so feel free to express your opinions, ideas according to it.

Thank you for reading :)

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There have been many topics about implementing half-random modes, things that solo-players would definately love.

Atm, the more suitable ideas are a draft mode and a random build mode.

Your idea is good electronX, but is far too complex. I had myself similar ideas but after thinking twice about it i think it is preferable to have 1 or 2 good demirandom modes then to choose between several complicated options.

I would honestly prefer that if the game detects a solo-game, the "samerandom"- option and the "allrandom"- option is exchanged by "random build"- option and by a "full random"- option.

I'm saying this because i'm quite sure that a mode for solo that gives you a build (4 or 5 element build), is necessary and enough to cover most of our wishes a simple way, without getting nor repetitive nor useless. All of those probability calculations just make you have a game that could have happened as well on random, and probably is not what you wanted; and if the probability is too high it becomes like choosing the elements yourself, then there wouldnt be much of a point going for random else then to get the 100% selling and micro the whole game.

I think that an option to randomize a build is enough and prevents you from getting crappy builds or impossible games (if that is what you want and don't like full random).

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