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I resently tried Beta 6 and I got really really disappointed.

About the level that starts the same moment as you leak is BAD very bad.

Also The really disapointing thing is death. I liked death, and now its bad. None of you tried magic and death?

After the big disapointment I desided to try out maledict instead. But I died to early. It wansn't the speed I almost didn't Deal any damage. 75% reduction on normal is to much and I said it before.

But God points. Extrem Mode Is just as I want it to be, atleast in start Love it. If the extreme mode wasn't this god before i were disapointment I maybe would have left Element TD in anger!


Edited some things.

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Let me see if I understand,

-You don't like how next wave starts when you leak, as opposed to only starting when you kill all the creeps

-Not sure how you feel about Death, you say you are disappointed but say it is better

-Not sure why you died early, you say it wasn't the speed and that you didn't take damage (lose lives?)

-Non-Elemental creeps shouldn't take 75% damage, perhaps back to 90% would be better

-Extreme Mode is really fun, you approve


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What I think of it now:

Death tower is much more worse now.

Extreme mode is MUCH better now (but speedy levels are a bit to speedy) maybe reduce all speeds by just a little on extreme. (on all units)

The level starting isn't that bad. But at extreme they come to fast. (maybe on normal 2) If you leak the level, it should start about 5-10 seconds after the leak. Or more.

Non element creeps should have 80 - 90% reduction.

I think I died at the imba fast knights (wich had non-element armor), or atleast I started to die then.

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Guest Sancdar
About the level that starts the same moment as you leak is BAD very bad.

I agree that this doesn't work out very well, especially with the new shorter timers. I suggest leaks starting the timer but at a higher than normal value - maybe +5-10 seconds over the normal timer. This would work even better with that one suggestion about making new timer values override the current timer if the new one is shorter.

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