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Havoc Mode

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While this should fall under a defense category, I'm instead going to suggest this stays on the primary voting menu, where it's called Defense - Havoc. One, pubs would actually see it and might pick it, and two, because every setting is preset.

Havoc mode forces Competitive, All Random, Chaos wave order, and Short Mode. With regards to Chaos, you will not see the next wave (incorporating my Blind Chaos suggestion from way back when). However, it's not just a mode preset. At the start of every wave, a random effect will be in play for everyone. What effect? Well, for starters, let's use the mass amount of ideas used for all those Weapons mode attempts, where creeps might move faster or slower, all towers might do more or less damage, bonus bounty, stuff like that. If that's not crazy enough, a random tower will be chosen (at the start of each wave), and (like wars mode), a creep of that type will spawn for everyone, where it will have 2x the hitpoints of the current wave creeps and be considered a boss creep. It will also have both its own creep ability and the wave's creep ability. Of course, if we're borrowing from wars, then that means it won't pick anything considered a support tower, and as to not make pure rush the one thing to kill everyone, it will not pick pure towers either. The level of the tower will not matter, only its elemental type and what creep ability it would spawn.

Of course, the difficulty of the game naturally goes up with this, but there would still be a screen to choose both difficulty and whether it's all random or same random (15-20 seconds to vote on these two options).

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