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Some New Creep Ability Suggestions

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Hello. The new master's mode I suggested would require more abilities than the game currently offers, so I thought I'd suggest some abilities to fill in said holes if the staff decides to try and implement my suggestion for a master's mode.

Ability 1: Hardening

For every 9% HP that a Hardening-creep loses, it gains 10% damage reduction for 5 seconds (Cumulates multiplicatively with difficulty-damage reduction). Stacks indefinitely, but each stack has its own individual timer, and new stacks do not refresh the old stacks.

Hardening would provide an ability that actually hurts damage-press strategies. Currently most of the abilities are designed to hate on wear-and-tear or single-target defenses. I thought this would make a nice addition to provide something that end-game Poison, Infrared, and Flood builds would actually have to fear.

Ability 2: Shielded (Windstrike's suggestion)

Shielded creeps have a shield equal to 20% of the creeps' HP. When the shield fails, the player has 10 seconds to kill the creep before the shield restores itself fully.

A soft counter to wear-and-tear defenses, and a strong counter to the oh-so-popular double-pass defense.

Ability 3: Transfer

When transfer creeps die, their soul transfers to the nearest allied creep, increasing its current HP and Max HP by 5%, and increasing speed by 1%. Transferred souls continue to jump as their new hosts die, and multiple transferred souls stack. Transferred souls cannot jump into creeps from the next wave.

A whack, but absolutely devastating ability against damage-press and focus-target strategies that pretty much eat up creeps as they spawn. Slower strategies that take their time will not mind so much, because those final creeps that receive the huge buffs from all those souls will no long have enough current HP to become a threat.

Well that pretty much wraps it up. I'll suggest more abilities as I come up with them/if anyone wants more ideas.

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