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Guest Warcryptic

Some people can't stand that they missed out on something when they had the chance to be in it.

Wc3 classic game got bored REALLY fast in my eyes. Custom games interested me as well, Etd the most. Only I don't have time to play at the moment. Haven't even had time to test BOTH beta's. Pretty pathetic huh.

Anyway ill try and play them when i can, but can't promise anything, so busy.

Srry that i can't test for you atm emjrl3 and karawasa.

Greetings from Warcryptic

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Guest The)TideHunter(

Ah well, i was interested to see your reply.

And to be honest, your all stupid. Very, very stupid. That isnt a generalization btw.

I'm not bothered i misses out at all, you have no idea what im feeling and you don't know me, so you can just shut up right there. What i am bothered about is i didnt get a email saying i was getting kicked, i would be happy if it was THAT ONE THING.

And $0.25, ok, sure. I can so believe that after you mysteriously made $1k last time.

And you think wc3 MODDING community isnt dead? Lol @ you, in the first 24 months of the expansion wc3 mod community was alive, you have no idea on any community like that. I wouldnt class this as a mod community, i would class this as a dying breed.

Most of you post statements with no proof at all, expecting everybody else to believe your wild claims.

"Sorry to enter on this all this talking and arguing but...you really think that?wc3 community is dead?LOL?Just check at GG Client right now... 20000 people playing a dead game at this right moment...(Many of them playing ELE TD)

See this forum that grows everyday...Or go see some sites like epicwar that get looooooots of new maps everyday...

Sorry to get in this but reading that really make me laugh...wc3 is dead?AHUAUHAAUHAHUHUAUHAHUAUHAHUAUAHUHUAHhUA"

Who the fuck are you? I made you laugh, great. You make me laugh, as you cant open your eyes and see wc3 mod community is dead, rofl @ you, get a life. This forum isnt a mod community, its a wreck, atleast get a decent type of forum, phpBB, rofls, or atleast a decent template so you can navigate without scanning the intire page for a link.

The engine ISNT nice, the engine for wc3 is so sucky. Thats the type of stuff i mean, you make claims that YOU think are true but are completly untrue.

Wc3 engine has hundreds of bugs and crashes that are stupid and easily fixable if blizzard took another week to go over it.

Im gonna be personally honest. Most of you are asslicking hopeing your gonna get some rep or something out of this, get over it, your not. Hes gonna use you then piss off like he did last time

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Whatever you say or think I will still think that wc3 is fun.

And what game is alive then according to you?

Starcraft? Omg!

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Guest Warcryptic

Every game is alive by the players who play it and keep loving it.

About forum, who cares, some have other priorities like etd 4.0

That you missed the shot just explains your reaction. Community dead, where how, i don't see it. What kind of world are you in that this game is dead, huh, maybe year of the rat,?

Some people have high hopes for this game even if it is a custom maps, they are way better then classic version. And i believe it 2.

I'm gonna wait and see if the games get's even more popular when new version is out. Till then I don't have anything usefull to say to you tide,

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