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List of things to decide on/do/wish list/everything thread....

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i'll post here when I need to get data/pictures/icons/images from you kara and also a general list of things we need to talk over and eventually implement

you can upload them here and so i can download them whenever i get the chance

so far this list includes:

default orientation? i my vote goes to landscape at the start, but do you want to support multiple orientations eventually?

icons: I need quite a few icons and screenshots. screenshots obviously will only happen once we get the game programmed, but I will need icons from you in order to make an xcode project and upload it to my iphone for testing purposes

1. 114x114

2. 72 x 72

3. 57 x 57

splash image, or an image that appears when the application is loading... im thinking we modify the load screen from sc2 and use that

font: this could change, but right now im using the standard arial font for all my GUI/menu's. If you have something in mind then let me know what font it is, and i'll see if someone has it or if we can get a custom font created

data: this is something i will work on myself for now. but i might as you a few questions along the way

im going to put all the data into a spreadsheet and i can work from there

game modes: initially I vote that we just do a simple AP, normal length, non chaos, mode and work new game modes in from there. what i need from you is what modes/difficulty's do you want eventually and we'll add it to the list

theme: any sort of theme or any sort of idea on what themes you would like to influence the game on? (fantasy, sc2?/ elemental? )

feel free to add anything else you feel is needed on the list here

im going to start a new thread for the classes in a bit, i'll show you the source files that i have drawn up using my own class system

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List of things I have pirated that I will need to buy a license for when we publish:

EzGUI - 200$ www.anbsoft.com/middleware/ezgui/

UnityPro v3.3 - 1500$ www.unity3d.com

iOS add on to unity - 1500$

game development for iphone tutorials - 99.99$ www.gameprefabs.com (might not buy this, but eventually if we make enough, since these tutorials have helped me a ton to learn unity, I would toss the devs a bone)

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