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I am quite new on this forum, but i've read a lot of stuffs and I looked everywhere and couldn't find a description of the differents games modes.

Could you send me a link or explain them to me please ! ;)

Thanks !

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If you hover over the dialog button during mode selection, it will tell you. But, which ones do you want to know about specifically?

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Competitive is basically the Element TD you used to play. Countdown starts after first person clears his area. Only difference is there is not mixed difficulty.

Extreme is basically competitive except the countdown is always 0, and everyone starts with 1 life.

Race is basically individual countdown timers. In other words, everyone is playing their own game in a sense. First person to finish 60 wins.

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I guess the initial modes would seem confusing to some, and to add salt to injury, new modes have been recently added.

Anyways the game first starts you off asking if you want to play Standard, Competitive, Race, or Extreme.

Standard: Basically the standard public mode as the game suggests. It's the only mode that allows mixed difficulty, meaning players are able to "compete" on difficulties different from each other. The countdown timer for the waves happens after each wave spawn. It's a static time that is 60 seconds for all levels, and will end early if all players clear the creep wave.

Competitive: It's the standard mode if you're looking for a fair; competitive game as all players are on the same difficulty as one another. In other words, it is a non-mixed difficulty mode. The countdown timer starts after the first player clears the creep wave.

Race: This is another type of competitive mode where you compete on who finishes level 60 first. The first to finish level 60 without depleting all their lives wins. It is a non-mixed difficulty mode. The countdown timer is independant on each player, meaning the timer starts after you clear your own wave.

Extreme: It's basically the same as Competitive Mode, except you only get one life.

After that, you select difficulty (difficulties should be self explanatory). Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard.

Very Easy: Creeps start with 50% HP with 10% damage reduction.

Easy: Creeps start with 62.5% HP with 20% damage reduction.

Normal: Creeps start with 70% HP with 30% damage reduction.

Hard: Creeps start with 87.5% HP with 40% damage reduction.

Very Hard: Creeps start with 100% HP with 50% damage reduction.

Next, the game prompts you for randomness, asking if you want All Pick, Random or Same Random.

All Pick: Choose your elements/income every five levels.

Random: Players get a random element or income every five levels.

Same Random: All players get the same random element or income as each other every five levels.

And then it asks whether you want to play a Normal or Chaos order.

Normal Order: Creeps spawn in normal order (eg. Sheep lvl.1, Scantipede lvl.2, Karak lvl.3, etc...)

Chaos Order: Creeps spawn in random order. They retain their abilities, but their hp is relative to the current level. (Eg. Jim Raynor at lvl.1 would have the same hp as a typical lvl.1 Sheep and etc...)

And lastly, you select whether you want the game to be Normal length, Short, or Extra Short.

Normal: You start at level 1 with 70 minerals.

Short: You start at level 16 with 1000 minerals and 3 gas

Extra Short: You start at level 31 with 6000 minerals and 6 gas.

Hopefully that explains everything.

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Just a few nitpicks;

-Standard type countdown is 30/45/60/75 seconds (level 1-15/16-30/31-45/46-60).

-Extreme type has a countdown of 0

-Chaos mode only randomizes creeps 6-59

But a great post! Perhaps there should be something in the help menu about this.

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