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~900 Fruit Kills

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So here's the BO.

Use intensify towers(darkness + fire) for DPS and forge towers (fire + earth). Have 2 pure earths to deal with light creeps.

Build: $$ Fire Darkness Earth Fire Darkness Earth Fire Darkness Earth

You'll have to use some micro in changing the range levels of the towers depending on the location of the creeps, it's not that tough.

I'm pretty sure this is the highest DPS combo you can have, if someone can get more please correct me.

I could probably have gotten more but I fudged up in the beginning so I went into the fruit level with only 6 lives.

900 Fruit kills.SC2Replay

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Are you sure up to 900 fruit kills that you reported is indeed kills not points?

Because the game determines the winner in points not in kills now. The number 900 also seems more in line with other builds if it were converted into points.

If you are playing in Normal difficulty, 1 fruit kill is worth 3 points so 300 kills equals 900 points. The growth of fruit is capped at 350th kill when they receive 12 movement speed and a ridiculous amount of health. If your build can withstand fruit kills beyond say 450, it should be able to withstand waves of fruits indefinitely.

I have attached some of screenshots I tried on Magnify+Forge combo earlier.



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Magnify towers don't strike me as too special of a tower unless the website's description is wrong (although I looked at them in-game too and didn't seem too special, just i forgot their stats), not to say that their DPS or DPS per cost isn't good, because it is.

However, when dealing with limited space and infinite money (such as normal mode fruit killing) drowning towers deal better DPS than magnify tower (based off website's stats, and taking into it's special into account). Of course to have the support tower to go with drowning tower would be spring tower. Not only are they better DPS, but based off the website, they have an additional 2 range.

Anyway, the main reason I'm posting here is because:

haste towers are crazy OP...

You can mix haste towers with forges, but even without them they would still be a really good, if not the best, tower (Forges are mainly just useful for the really late game anyway when you get the teir 3).

The reason why haste towers are so damn strong is because it seems their haste bonuses stack multiplicative with/on eachother, as opposed to addition. Instead of 20 stacks of 11% being +220% attack speed (320%), it's 111% to the power of 20, which is about 800%.

While 320% attack speed would be a fair bit too weak for this tower (considering it's current damage), 800% is pretty ridiculous, especially for the fruit wave where they can stay on without deactivating for longer than typical (although there are still breaks in the fruit wave, which I find kinda weird).

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My best on Very Easy filling every possible square (140 towers in most spaces) with Blitz and Factory towers is 777 kills.

On Very Hard, I've gotten 246 kills for 1230 points.

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