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More from Johnny, on v0.2

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soooo... I got schooled, received the message that I was the last survivor (playing with alguemx). He was still playing but no more creeps showed up.

also, I couldn't get to update the map. Dunno if it's something to do with how alguemx publishes it, but I don't think it has anything to do.

alguemx and I got some connection problems. when it cleared out, I could play the game just fine, he got left with a blank screen.

aaaaand on the final note today, mobs stuck on exit and places where one can't build. All on the replay. But just to easy it up, the middle "isle" is dislocated a little, compared to EleTD from WC3. If all towers from ... better if I illustrate =p


So, I remember that if I built towers from those 4 X's to the right, I'd get a perfect rectangle - like pictured above. the same doesn't happen on SC2. A "4 lines by 1 column" space is left unusable.

Also, the top-middle plataform, when built from down to top leaves one more "line of squares" unusable.

And then, the top-right plataform (at least for 2nd player) has the down-most, left-most square unusable, hence, rendering 3 other squares unusable when we start building from top-right to bottom-left.

I hope I didn't confused you....

Element Tower Defense_alltowers.SC2Replay

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