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Game bugs

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Interest is given after 0 (14) and not when the clock strikes 0.

The game forces you to leave after you have lost.


You can build unlimited Pure towers. (periodic tower of elements can not be build unlimited)

After you have researched your second "supply" periodic tower of the elements just randomly disappears.

Towers hp bar doesn't represent their total cost.

When a tower finish it's upgrade it's automatically selected.


Creeps spawning to early

^Stopped spawn afterwards. (Normal Level) Replay Sc2 1.3.2 EleTD 0.0

Creeps stopped spawn (undead level) Replay Sc2 1.3.2 EleTD 0.0

No energy bar is shown for "special" creeps.

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version 1.3.2

just gona add my stuff here

when towers finish upgrading, they are automatically selected with whatever u had selected before

basically every tooltip and weapon description is wrong or mentions a tower that was renamed afterwards ;p

i miss the armor and mechanical/speed/whatever - display behind waves in the top right box ^^

from wave 28 on, i "cleared" every wave when there were like 10 creeps left. wave 45 didnt spawn at all, finishing my game.

Element try 1.SC2Replay

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whoa, don't flood this part. I wanted to try and separate certain things so it's easier to pin down certain problems.

I wonder if I can moderate this forum and move parts of your post.

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Also just adding some here.

When Jetstream tower is set to attack ground, it halve's its attackspeed it seems

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