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118 Ronald -SM AR normal (rep inc!)

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I need Help! When there arent that many very hard games i have courage to post my humble struggle against normal ronalds.

Previous round (all pick) my maze was almost 24k worth less than this time. And now i started with 46 life (with AP i had 36).

So i was pretty confident and had decent chance of beating my AP record. Especially when i was lucky enough to get all elements and only water and fire didnt reach level 2.

With less gold/lives and all-pick i got 176 ronalds and now with almost perfect random elements i got just 118 ronalds. Why? please check this replay and tell me which towers/placements i should have used against ronalds.

Arir 118 AR normal ronald kills.w3g

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Hey Airmind. :)

I'm very tired, but here are a few tips:

Life towers have reduced damage to ballance for the life gain ability. So if you leak more than you gain, maybe different towers are better. ;)

Mirage towers are support, and I would not use them as damage towers.

If you play single player, get more interest. You have your gold stuck in life towers, and don't earn enough.

What are your maxed dmg tripples in this build? (ldne at lv 2)

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Triples for LDNE are Roots, Laser, Oblivion, Ench. Oblivion seems quite useless to me.

I massed mostly Phaser towers (upped laser) for raw dmg and placed most those in the middle and some at 9 numpad area. Also with lvl 1 water i think i had at least as many polars as phasers.

You are right about life towers. I should have stopped using those earlier. There were some chaotic moments that cost me like 30 or so life :P

I know mirage towers are meant to be support but i was pondering if those actually deal more dmg against darkness waves than lvl 1 laser. When i got lvl 2 earth i stopped using mirages and moved on to phasers.

My main concern is still if i used my gold correctly in the end. As with 24k less gold and 10 less lives i got clearly more ronalds with NELF build.

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