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FDS rules

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Welcome to the Forum Draft Series!!

The draft in brief. Full rules in next post.

There are three phases:

Tower removal: Choose a dual and three unique triples to be removed from the pool. The 5 duals and 7 triples with the most votes are removed from the pool. Removed towers cannot be built.

Elemental Draft: choose the elementals, investments and essences you want available for summoning in turn order.

Gameplay: play a single player game with the restrictions in place and submit your replay via PM to the draft host.

Post any enquiries and your signup in this thread!

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The Full Rules.


(coming soon)

The entire draft can take some time to complete. You MUST be committed to checking the draft thread AT LEAST ONCE EVERY 24 HOURS. Failure to vote after 48 hours would result in votes being randomed by draft host. Also, ensure you have sufficient time to play out the game, typically 168 hours would be given for drafters to submit their best replays.

About the draft format

The pool consists of arrow towers (and its upgrades), cannon towers (and its upgrades), the 6 single element towers (and their upgrades), the 15 dual-element towers (and their upgrades), the 20 triple-element towers (and their upgrades), periodic tower of the elements as well as all the elementals, extra investments and pure essences which can be summoned from the summoning centre.

The draft consists of 3 phases, the tower removal phase, element draft phase and the gameplay.

Tower removal phase: 5 dual-element towers and 7 triple-element towers are voted to be removed from the pool.

Element draft phase: The elementals that can be summoned are drafted.

Gameplay: The drafters would then play the game with the restrictions in place.

Tower removal phase

There is no order for this phase. Drafter may post their votes once they have decided on their removals.

Each drafter votes a dual-element tower of his choice for removal. You are not allowed to vote for a dual-element tower that has been voted for removal by another drafter. 5 dual-element towers would be removed. If there are less than 5 drafters, draft host randomly removes dual-element towers to remove 5 in total. If there are more than 5 drafters, draft host randomly removes 5 from the dual-element towers voted.

Each drafter votes 3 unique triple-element towers to be removed from the pool. You are allowed to vote for a triple-element tower that has been voted for removal by another drafter. 7 triple-element towers with most votes are removed from the pool. Ties would be resolved through random removals by draft host.

Dual-element towers removed from the pool cannot be built, not even as intermediates to triple-element towers. Triple-element towers removed from the pool cannot be built.

Element Draft phase

The order for this phase would be posted by the draft host.

Each drafter, on his turn, picks an element / extra investment / pure essence to add to the pool. When you specify a pick, add some comments to it. Each element can be voted a maximun of three times. Extra investment and pure essence can be voted a maximum of three times.

At the end of the phrase, the picks are combined by the draft host. The number of votes for each element would be the maximum tier that element can be summoned. The order is decided by the drafters in game but only those in the pool can be summoned.

Gameplay phase

Drafters proceed to play a single-player game with the restrictions. Game mode is: Very Hard difficulty, pick, non-chaos, non-(extra) short, non-extreme. No other modes to be added.

Once satisfied with replay, attach your replay via forum PM to the draft host and the draft host only. DO NOT POST YOUR REPLAYS ANYWHERE. Drafters may submit their replay anytime and replace it with another replay unil the draft closes and last call for replays has been made.

Scoring and winning replay

Scoring would be decided once the number of players is confirmed.

Building of removed towers/summoning of elementals not drafted will result in the replay being disqualified. Any instances of bug abuse, known or unknown beforehand and the use of cheats will result in replay being disqualified.

Replays would be judged on number of leaks, time taken up to wave 60 (ronalds not included), networth and ronalds killed.

Prizes, such as a custom element td mouspad/t-shirt may be awarded to the winner if the draft meets competitive requirements (as determined by the draft host.)

Once you have read the rules and understood it, post your nick in this thread. You may post in this thread or PM draft host any inquiries you have on the rules.

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