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Element TD 4.3

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-Added a 5 second fade in cinematic with web address

-Fast creeps now move at normal speed and speed up periodically instead (see below)

-Added 6 abilities to the builder by default via items (see below), "Disable Weapons" mode removes them

-Added new creep type "Image" (see below)

-Ronald upgrade system tweaked (see below)

-Balanced bounty (see below)

-Nerfed Life to 1500 damage down from 1625 damage

-Fixed multiple Trickery autocast issue

-Nerfed Hail to 1140 damage down from 1200 damage

-Shortened singleplayer dialog menu by eliminating multiplayer only options

**Builder Weapons**

-Builders have 600 mana with 1 mana per second regen, the six abilities are cast via items

-Heal creeps in 500 AoE for 25% of max HP instantly, 300 mana cost

-Give creeps max armor in 500 AoE for 5 seconds, 300 mana cost

-Give creeps max speed in 500 AoE for 5 seconds, 300 mana cost

-Steal 4% of target player's (builder) gold, 150 mana cost

-Put target builder to sleep for 5 seconds, 150 mana cost

-Instantly sell target tower (giving full refund), 150 mana cost


-When this creep has full mana (15), it will spawn an image the next time it is damaged

-Image lasts 5 seconds and takes normal damage, image doesn't leak or give gold

-Levels 13, 23, 27, 38, 42, 51, 57


-When this creep reaches full mana (3), it will burst for one second

-Burst gives 100% increased move speed

**Bounty Balance**

-The base number used in the calculation of bounty is now variable depending on difficulty level

-VH is 1.1, this was the past default value

-H is 1.0985, N is 1.097, E is 1.095, VE is 1.0925

-Bounty is equal to Base^(Level-1)


-Gains Undead at 75 killed

-Gains Image at 200 Killed

-Gains Healing at 350 Killed

-Loses Image, Gains Mech at 500 killed

Element TD 4.3.w3x

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